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Server Slam for Diablo 4, which runs through the weekend of May 12-14, gives players a final taste of the hellish ARPG before its June 6 launch, as they battle their way to level 20 and put Blizzard's server infrastructure to the test. ​The drop rate for Legendaries, which had been tuned for Diablo 4's previous beta, was brought up to its retail level for server crashes..While some fans were wary that this would lead to a scarcity of fine trophies, that notion seems to have been unfounded.

The time has almost come for Diablo 4 to be released, and players are eager to dive in on June 6..More than a decade after the release of Diablo III, the new entry in the long-running series has some big shoes to fill, but Blizzard seems capable and the reception to the open beta has been glowing..Beyond the small taste players get, there are plenty of unanswered questions about the game's new open-world design, its commitment to a live-service model, and how the endgame will play out..Some people have grown disenchanted with Blizzard's quality as a studio in the last few years, and Diablo 4 represents its best chance to win back those it has fallen from grace.

In Diablo, Loot Reigns Supreme

A crucial element on which Diablo 4's success will hinge is its loot balance, and not just how well it performs, but how often it drops..A big point of contention during Diablo 3's launch was the drop rate of Legendary armor and weapons, and the fact that Legendaries were, for the most part, outpaced by rare items with good rolls..Blizzard remedied this later in Diablo 3's lifespan by increasing Legendary drop rates, as well as giving them more game-altering modifiers and inherently better stats than rares..This hopefully indicates that Diablo 4 will launch without repeating the mistakes of Diablo 3.

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To ensure that players got a solid feel for the variety of loot available in Diablo 4, Blizzard tuned the drop rate of Legendaries in previous beta releases..Server Slam brought those levels back to where they would presumably have been at launch, leading some fans to worry that Legendaries would be too difficult to come by..By all accounts, that was not the case and the players were still able to cobble together a decent build-up as they ground out a 20-over victory over Ashava the Pestilent.

Endgame is where Diablo IV must be at its strongest.

Blizzard's philosophy surrounding Legendary loot since the Loot 2.0 update for Diablo 3 has been to make unique items that change the way players play the game..With skill-altering modifiers that encouraged variety and ingenuity in construction, the change was one of the largest and most celebrated in the game's history..The Diablo 4 beta showcases Blizzard's reaffirmation of that philosophy, but it all comes down to the endgame, if players will have a steady, consistent drip feed of new loot to keep them engaged in the long term..Between World Tiers, Nightmare Dungeons, all-new Mythic Items, and the Fields of Hatred PvE zone, the premise of Diablo 4's endgame seems incredibly promising on paper.

June 6 cannot come soon enough for many, or June 1 for those who have pre-ordered..2023 has already delivered some phenomenal titles, but Diablo 4 still has the potential to be crowned game of the year..With fears that legendary items would be too rare proving unfounded, fans are now pinning their hopes on how the endgame will fare and if Diablo 4's story can maintain the quality teased to players in the beta..The general buzz has been positive, but it's all speculation until reviews start pouring in and fans decide if Blizzard nailed the landing.

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