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With Twisting Blades being nerfed when it comes to being able to cycle your cooldowns much faster, we're on the lookout for a brand new D4 leveling build and that's the Penetrating Shot Rogue. It does not require any legendary aspects with the help of the realistic drop rates within the Server Slam, it's incredibly nearly impossible to find any legendary aspects.

Diablo 4 Penetrating Shot Rogue Leveling Build - Best Rogue Leveling Build in D4

This build concentrates on using the Penetrating Shot skill to manage high harm to enemies from a distance. This build is made to be a ranged playstyle, allowing the Rogue to choose off enemies from afar and steer clear of getting too near to danger. To build a Penetrating Shot Rogue in Diablo 4, you will need to focus on skills that increase your ranged combat abilities. In terms of gear, you will need to look for items that increase your critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and attack speed. You may also be thinking about the gear that boosts your ranged attack damage or reduces incoming damage. Now let us get straight into this best leveling build for Penetrating Shot Rogue in Server Slam Diablo IV!

Best D4 Penetrating Shot Rogue Leveling Build Skills & Abilities

We have 21 points including the two renowned points you are going to have to choose those up to go ahead and finish this build.

Basic Skill

Puncture is a ranged skill that is useful and also the main reason we're picking up is for the essential puncture. This is likely to give us permanently vulnerable uptime which provides us with 20% increased damage. What puncture does is essentially you are going to have 3 blades that shoot out, and when you hit with a couple of them, you are going to get permanent vulnerability or apply vulnerability for 2 seconds which should you weave it between your penetrating shots is permanently vulnerable uptime. We're likely to put 2 points inside a puncture and choose a penetrating shot after which go back up for a fundamental puncture.

Core Skill

A penetrating shot may be the namesake of the build. This does really solid signal target damage, but additionally has the possibility of AOE damage because of its piercing. Penetrating Shot includes a good mixture of AOE and single target damage whereas Rapid Fire is pure single target also the unfortunate thing about Twisting Blades is the fact that it's melee. Penetrating shot is a great mix, very solid damage and what's great about it's if you're consistently landing multiple penetrating shots, it is possible to start developing a cool little bit of times when you are in those categories of enemies. After you've acquired, put some things in a penetrating shot.

Agility Skill

Pick up Shadow Step and Dash, this is likely to allow us to move fast around Dungeons and merely around the map, and crucially Shadow Step enables you to be unstoppable. So this is a CC break on a potential boss fight. So you don't wish to use this during boss fights should you think you are going to get CC because this is likely to break that CC. Every build must have multiple should you can or at best one type of CC break because that's among the only ways you die within this game.

Subterfuge Skill

After you've acquired both of those, then you max out penetrating shots. After you've at their maximum penetrating shot, then you definitely can come to get Concealment. Concealment got a buff as well as on top of that, it also enables you to be unstoppable. So you have two CC breaks with this particular best Server Slam leveling build for Rogue that is nice in terms the survivability. Not only that, we're obtaining concealment because we're likely to gain energy whenever we enter it. More importantly, whenever we break that Concealment, we obtain a guaranteed crit which is a great thing with this penetrating shot.

Imbuement Skill

Lastly, we get 1 point of Shadow Imbuement, this is great to help out with a few AOE scenarios, and we run Shadow Imbuement typically unless we're going to fight a boss Ashava.

Best D4 Penetrating Shot Rogue Build Gear/Aspects

- Eluding Boneweave Gauntlets

- Cut Destroyer Bow

- Awful Boon

- Crude Emerald

A penetrating shot is likely to be supermassive, much like Boneweave Gauntlets gloves rather than Rapid Fire you are going to want penetrating shots. You need to run a bow for that weapon masteries to become as effective as possible, so operate a bow. Then we're likely to be looking for critical Because we now have guaranteed crit around the concealment and that we have an extra crit chance on our penetrating shot. Also, run an emerald because it's likely to give us extra crit strike damage against vulnerable enemies. So this is a 6% crit damage increase that people will get frequently.

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- Combo Points

- Inner Sight

First off, we now have Combo Points, what combo points does is it's likely to raise our damage with a pretty massive margin. However, Inner Sight tends to be considered a little bit better when you are fighting bosses and also the reason for this is when you're fighting bosses, the objective will automatically affect anyone who is around you and usually, it is simply the boss. So if this is the case then you are going to be striking the boss, and you are going to be guaranteed obtaining the inner sight. And then if this procs, you can spam out those penetrating shots and merely absolutely blast the boss.

Pros & Cons of Rogue Penetrating Shot Leveling Build

+ High damage output

+ Fast leveling

+ Versatile

+ Good for farming

- Fragile

- Limited AOE

- Requires good aim

- High resource consumption

Gameplay Tips of D4 Server Slam Penetrating Shot Rogue Build for Leveling

As a Penetrating Shot Rogue in Diablo IV, your primary goal is to manage massive harm to your enemies by piercing through their defenses. Here are some gameplay tips that will help you increase your effectiveness in combat:

- Use your penetrating shot wisely: The Penetrating Shot is the signature ability, and it is essential to utilize it efficiently. Aim for categories of enemies or larger enemies with multiple parts of the body to maximize the piercing effect.

- Keep moving: As a Rogue, you're relatively fragile and should not take a large number of hits, so move to avoid enemy attacks and reposition yourself for better shots. Try to use your roll capability to dodge enemy attacks, and your distance to prevent being surrounded.

- Use your traps and shadow abilities: The Penetrating Rogue has several traps and shadow abilities you can use to decelerate enemies, create distractions, or avoid danger. Make sure to rely on them strategically, for example, placing traps to pay for your retreat or using shadow abilities to reposition yourself behind enemy lines.

- Focus on critical hits and flaws: As a Rogue, your critical hit chance is high, so attempt to focus your attacks on flaws and critical regions of your enemies. This can be achieved by aiming for the head, eyes, or any other vital area.

- Use your companion effectively: Your companion can be considered a valuable asset in combat, providing additional damage, healing, or crowd control. Make sure to select a companion that complements your playstyle and relies on them effectively in combat.

- Experiment with different weapon types: The Rogue may use a variety of weapon types, including bows, crossbows, and daggers. Experiment with different weapons to obtain the ones that fit your playstyle best, and ensure to upgrade them regularly to remain ahead of the curve.

- Stay conscious of your surroundings: Keep an eye out for environmental hazards, for example, traps, lava pits, or enemy reinforcements, and rely on them to your advantage.

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