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Night Shura stood on the spot with an expressionless face, while Dongfang Ao looked angrily at the figure that was far away. If they want to kill you, it's not difficult. "Yeshura's words are like a basin of cold water poured on Dongfang Ao's head. Only then did he realize a question. Why did Yeshura, the guest, lay hands on the girl, but ended up unable to move? He didn't see who laid hands on him?"? I just saw the girl approaching him. Could it be that the girl did it? But didn't she have no martial arts? Or does Yeshura know that girl? Just at dawn, when the fire they used to boil the medicine was about to go out, another fast horse came running. Brother, Brother Ye, are you all right? With a pale face, Dongfang Baiyun reined in the reins, jumped off his horse, and looked at the two men standing still. There is no trace of that group of people, it seems that they should be all right, otherwise, how can let the night Shura and Oriental Ao like this? "I've got a needle in my right calf," Yeshura said. "He's not moving because the needle is poisonous. It's not a strong poison, but it can paralyze the whole body. If he flicks on his own, the needle will move in the body, and it will be more difficult to remove." Brother Ye, be patient. "Dongfang Baiyun crouched down, lifted the right trouser leg of the Night Shura,PET blowing machine, looked at the eye of the needle, aimed his palm at the eye of the needle, condensed the True Qi, clung to the eye and finally sucked out the bee needle. The Night Shura was finally able to move. He shook his body which had not moved for a long time, but it was still not quick. It seemed that after a few hours, he might not have the same feeling." Even if he pursues them now, he can't find them. All right, "Dongfang Baiyun walked up to Dongfang Ao and found that it was all right. His eldest brother was just hit the acupoint. He quickly opened Dongfang Ao's acupoint and saw his eldest brother safe and sound. Dongfang Baiyun felt very tired." Second brother, are you all right? East Ao looked at the unusual pale face of the East Bai Yun,juice filling machine, a burst of guilt in the heart, guilt asked, he was too impulsive, did not ask indiscriminately hurt the second brother. It's all right, eldest brother, let's go back. "Oriental Baiyun smiled with relief, without a trace of resentment. He never cared about his relatives." Well, now that Dongfang Ao has calmed down for the time being, he also knows that what he did just now was too reckless. If people ignored him, how could he still live here? Brother Ye, let's go together. "Dongfang Baiyun rode on horseback and extended his hand to Ye Shura. He also had doubts about why this friend came here, but he would not ask." Well, Ye Shura would not refuse this friend either. When he was badly hurt, he did not choose to go back. He did not choose any place. One of the thoughts in his mind was to come to him, because he did not have the breath of Jianghu people, water filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, nor the Philistine in the secular world. The two fast horses ran back, but a masked figure appeared in the forest, looking at the charcoal fire on the ground, as well as the dregs of the medicine, opened a piece of cloth, wrapped up the dregs of the medicine, and left. And this dregs came to the hands of the man dressed in bright yellow clothes in a twinkling of an eye, looking at the hands of the dregs, Yuchi Hongze frowned, is her injury not good? "Have you found the doctor?" Yuchi Hongze asked, is there no news at all? "I've been living in Qingfengju all the time," the shadow answered respectfully. "There's nothing unusual about that man." With me out of the palace, "Yuchi Hongze got up, changed his court clothes, put on his casual clothes, and little Dezi had wrapped up the dregs of the medicine, but the shadow was seen.". Yuchi Hongze and others went out of the palace from the side door, sat in an ordinary carriage, and went to Qingfengju. He had to ask, what happened to Xiaoxiao? Although he has not received any information about the disclosure, he is still not at ease. Without notification, Yuchi Hongze led Xiao Dezi directly into Chu Fan's room, looking at the room full of herbs, messy books, and Chu Fan who was calm in the face of change, Yuchi Hongze just felt wrong, Chu Fan's eyes were wrong, he knew his identity early, but it was not awe, not timidity, it was a kind of dissatisfaction and anger, although the mood was very light. But Yuchi Hongze dared to conclude that he was angry with himself. "I wonder why the Childe is here?" Chu Fan sat there, holding a half-read book in his hand, and asked faintly. Little Dezi "Yuchi Hongze did not look back at the order, he wanted to hear how the doctor would explain.". Little Dezi neatly put a dregs of medicine in his hand on the table in front of Chu Fan, and Chu Fan knew at a glance that it was from there. Childe found Xiaoxiao, since found, then Childe should know what happened, "Chu Fan's first intuition is that the emperor has found Xiaoxiao, after all, the emperor to know a person's whereabouts should not be difficult." I want to know if there is anything I don't know besides what the childe said one day. "Yuchi Hongze doesn't explain. He just wants to know what kind of situation Xiaoxiao is now, or how he will take medicine on time all the way." Childe can directly ask Xiaoxiao, if Xiaoxiao is willing to say, she will tell Childe, "Chu Fan this just know that the emperor does not know Xiaoxiao lost martial arts, no wonder so cold-blooded posted a wanted notice, if there is any accident on the way, I am afraid he will regret." I didn't find Xiaoxiao, so I asked Mr. Zhong to tell me how Xiaoxiao was. Yuchi Hongze looked at Chu Fan's expression and felt that things were not good, otherwise Chu Fan would not be so rude. As long as you can find the dregs of the medicine,Vegetable oil filling machine, it means that Xiaoxiao is all right for the time being. If you don't see the dregs of the medicine, then even Hua Tuo can't do anything about it. "Chu Fan was surprised, but then he calmed down. He believed that Xiaoxiao would be all right. She was not a brainless child.

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