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Of course they're risky. Because Sixten would suddenly unscrew the globe and find the "Great Mumlik"! Anders and Cale knew this very well, but what kind of War of the Roses was it if we didn't take some risks? "It seems to me that we have seen everything." Anders said to Eva Lotta pointedly, and she left the window easily. Yes, we've seen everything we need to see, thank you, "Karai said with a satisfied smile." Let's go! " "Non-a-lol-i (where)?" Asked Eva Lotta anxiously. Dod-i-qoq-iu-yoy-i lol-i-mom-ian (inside the globe), "replied Kalai." Bob-ang-joj-i-lol-e. "Eva Lotta's eyebrows are dancing.". Sixten stared at them fiercely as they chattered. If you want to see the water tower again, please come. He just said it politely. Yes, please come. Echoing Jung, his chestnut eyes looked at them sneeringly and arrogantly. Dirty dog! Benka finally said. The White Rose man made his way to the door. The door creaked and groaned and opened. The door creaked, This is really not decent. Anders sang and went on. Why don't you put oil in it,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, huh? "Why don't you shut up, huh?" Sixten replied. The men on the White Rose's side returned to their headquarters. The place was chosen, and all that remained to be decided was when and how to hide the Great Mumlik there. In the middle of the night, by the light of the full moon,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, "Anders said in the darkest and dullest voice he had ever heard," the Great Mumlik will restore its peace. This is for me to do! Eva-Lotta and Cale nodded their approval. It was natural that Sixten should fall asleep and go to his room to do it, and they would get another point! "That's a good idea." Said Eva Lotta, taking a large box of chocolates from the drawer of the chest of drawers and passing them around. Recently she was literally buried in candy, and there was so much candy sent to her. The editor was absolutely right in his report: "Little Eva Lotta is famous in these days.". People from all directions, known and unknown, sent her gifts to greet her. Our thoughtful postman, Petersson, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, brought her fruit and chocolate candies, toys and books. Countless friends expressed their deep sympathy for the little girl who had unwittingly intervened in such an unpleasant tragedy. "What would you do if Sixten woke up?" Cale asked him. Anders answered quietly: "I said I came to sing him a lullaby and see if he kicked off the quilt when he fell asleep." Karai laughed. I say, famous little Eva Lotta, give me another chocolate and you'll be twice as famous. They ate candy and made plans on the comfortable garret full of junk and stayed late into the night. Friends feel the victory of another victory over the red rose in advance. How good the War of the Roses was! Finally they left the headquarters. As Anders said, you have to "feel the situation first". Maybe there's a good chance. Unfortunately, it will cause a little conflict on the Red Rose side. They came down the rope, and Eva Lotta said absently: "Yes, yes, happy children's games, innocent and happy children." She suddenly stopped talking and turned blue. Then she sobbed and ran quickly. Eva Lotta never played again that day. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Chapter 6 Little $says $t @ xt` Heaven "I'll do it tonight." Two days later, Anders said. The transfer of the "Great Mumrik" to Sixten's globe was not immediately possible for various reasons. First, wait until there's a full moon. It has to be a full moon: only in the light of a full moon can everything look magical and charming, and the room can not be lit. Second, there had recently been two visitors to the postmaster's house, two young aunts of Sixten. "You can't get into your aunt's house," Anders said when Karai asked him if he was going to do it. "You know, the more people in the house, the more dangerous it is. If one person wakes up, it's all ruined." "That's right. Women sometimes sleep with extreme alertness." Kalai agreed with him. Sixten was surprised, and from time to time they asked how his aunt was and how long she would be staying. At last he got tired of listening. Why are your aunts pestering me? When Anders asked a hundred times, Sixten exclaimed. Are they in your way or what? "Where were you? Of course it doesn't bother me." Anders answered briefly. Ok Sixten said, "They're leaving about Monday.". It's a pity. I like them very much, especially Aunt Ada. They stayed at home all the time and didn't run around the city like crazy people. I don't think they bothered anyone. After giving such a top, Anders never dared to ask again: "It would arouse suspicion.". Monday is here. Anders saw the postmaster's wife accompany her two sisters to catch the early train. The moon will be full at night. Tonight! Anders made up his mind. The children sat in the pavilion of the baker's garden eating fresh buns, which Eva Lotta had asked her good father for. The red rose man just walked by. They went to their new headquarters at the Manor. The police were gone, and the High Prairie was silent again,ultrasonic molten metal, as if its tranquillity had never been disturbed by anything more serious than the Red and White Rose War. The manor "is too good a refuge for anyone to dislike, and the Red Rose people are desperate to forget what happened in this neighborhood the other day." If you want to be beaten, come to the manor! Cried Sixten as he walked through the baker's garden. Eva Lotta shivered. She never thought of going to the manor!.

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