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"Hm?" Bryant looked suspiciously at Gao Jianfei, then at the bright light that turned green, and he said directly. What do you have with you, Mr. Gao? "What does that mean?" Gao Jianfei asked in reply. At the same time, he thought and speculated quickly in his mind. This device, which is similar to a traffic light, is used for detection. When I passed the zebra crossing, the red "color" light that had not changed all the time suddenly turned into green "color" light. Then, this guy asked me what I had with me? That is to say, something I carry on my body stimulates the change of traffic lights. At the same time, in James's office, on a wall, an indicator light suddenly showed a green "color" light! He frowned. Uh? It's the security system in the apartment area! Someone with a special energy object is trying to enter the apartment area! After a pause, he directly told Xiaowei, the Z woman who was responsible for recording before,ultrasonic dispersing machine, "Xiaowei, switch the screen to the security zebra crossing in the apartment area!" Wei nodded and sat down next to a computer in the conference room. Soon, on one of the walls of the conference room, there was a picture of Gao Jianfei's side, the security system that entered the apartment area. In fact,ultrasonic extraction cbd, Bryant is right that there is no monitoring equipment in the apartment area, because if the monitoring equipment is installed in the place where scientists and agents live, once it is found, it will inevitably cause dissatisfaction. James doesn't want to be a complete tyrant. However, before entering the apartment area, the base has set up a detection device, which is used to detect whether people entering the apartment area carry energy objects on their bodies. This is to prevent someone from talking about the raw materials and scientific research results in the base and sneaking them into the apartment area without monitoring equipment. At this time, on the surveillance screen, I saw that the green "color" light of the traffic lights was very bright, and it was simply bright to a limit! Gao Jianfei is standing on the zebra crossing, arguing with Kobe! "Oh!"! It's high.. Gao Jianfei! He was carrying energy items on his body! James was very emotional. What a strong green light! I swear, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, judging from the intensity of the green light, the energy items carried by Gao Jianfei must be very precious! It must be! Chapter 543 and the power of the melee! Chapter 543 and the power of the melee! The green "color" is shining more and more! It has reached an eye-catching situation! It seems that Pan Xiaoyu and several other powers have already used their hands to block the dazzling green light. Even Kobe Bryant can't open his eyes. He shouted directly to Gao Jianfei, "I'm sorry, Mr. Gao, I want to attack you!"! I suspect you are carrying something special! "Damn, what do I have with me? What's the matter? Do you still want to be?" Gao Jianfei cursed in his belly. But he also thought about it himself. What on earth did I bring with me that caused the security system to go wrong? Suddenly, Gao Jianfei suddenly realized. Right! The badges my alien friends gave me! That badge is the product of alien civilization, has a special function, inside the badge, there is a huge space! Thousands of animals can be sealed in that space! At the moment, there are thousands of my pets hidden in the badge space! Must be a badge, tested out by this security system! Originally, like this badge given by aliens, Gao Jianfei should be hiding in the ghost nest, but because the badge seals the animal army, Gao Jianfei releases the animal army to deal with danger at the first time for convenience, so he carries it with him and does not put it in the ghost nest. As a result, the badge was casually "sexed" by Gao Jianfei in his pocket. Seeing the green light getting brighter and brighter, the detection equipment seemed to burst. Gao Jianfei did not want to take the initiative to cause trouble, while the Kobe Bryant was dazzled by the green "color" light, Gao Jianfei hurriedly threw the badge into the ghost nest to hide. Instantly, the green'color 'light of the detection equipment disappears and turns into red'color' light. It seems that there is something wrong with your testing equipment. Gao Jianfei shrugged his shoulders. Then he deliberately raised his hands. After all, like them, it's a red light. I don't have anything suspicious with me. "This.." Bryant looked suspiciously at the device that turned into a red light, then at Gao Jianfei, then thought for a few seconds and muttered, "Is there really something wrong with our testing equipment?" At the same time. James had brought a group of people, driving a very fast magnetic car, directly from the office to the apartment area where Gao Jianfei was. He has a small display screen similar to P4 in his hand, which is playing the situation of Gao Jianfei's monitoring equipment. The green "color" shines brightly! What a powerful energy substance! Gao Jianfei has a very energetic substance! Maybe it's a special ore, or a very advanced equipment.. I've never seen such a powerful energy substance! The research of our base needs energy supply. If Gao Jianfei can hand over this energy substance on his body, some scientific research in our base will be able to achieve rapid development! Hurry up! Get the car over there! Intercept Gao Jianfei! James roared excitedly. Suddenly, such a video came from the surveillance video. The green "color" light turns to red "color", and everything returns to normal! "Hm?" On the bus,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, several agents next to James were frowning. Boss, how.. How can the green energy light show that everything is back to normal? Could it be that there is something wrong with our equipment? James's pupils contracted. Eh? It's really back to normal. Can But our testing equipment has been used for so many years and maintained every month. How can there be problems? Wait I see! Isn't Gao Jianfei good at space powers? He has a space of 1 cubic meter. He can hide some objects in the space at any time! In this way, we can avoid our security system! What a sly fellow! 。

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