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The man's arms were strong, her head was pressed into his arms, and her eyes soon opened, except for the initial closure of her eyes under the stimulation of the cold wind, but only the color of the army camouflage came into view, as if the deep color was imprinted on the bottom of her eyes. The hillside was not high, and soon the two men rolled solidly to the foot of the hill. When he was steady, Mo Shangyun was pressed under Yan Tianxing, and her head was still on his arm. Mo Shangyun gave him three seconds. Yan Tianxing remained motionless. The pain was so painful that Mo Shangyun felt a little uncomfortable. He frowned and said to him, "Get up." "Did you hit it?" Yan Tianxing looked at her eyes, his face lowered a few minutes, the tip of their noses seemed to touch, and when he spoke in a dumb voice, his warm breath sprayed down with an inexplicable ambiguity. No Mo Shangyun calmly looked at him and answered word by word, without any waves at the bottom of his eyes. Hooking his lips, Yan Tianxing turned over, propped up his elbow, and sat beside her. Mo Shangyun sat up with his hands on the ground at the moment he got up. Moving his arms, Mo Shangyun looked up at the mountain road and raised his eyebrows at Yan Tianxing. "We have to slip away." "Slip?" Yan Tianxing asked with interest. Don't slip, you pull me to roll here? Mo Shangyun half squinted and asked leisurely. Yan Tianxing's smile deepened on his lips. That's clever. Although the military police is a family, can hit the face under the eyes of others, that is their fault. What? They're all brothers. We have to save face. Yan Tianxing stood up first. After that,ultrasonic metal welding, the gentleman stretched out his hand to Mo Shangyun. Mo Shangyun, who had just remembered, caught a glimpse of the hand stretched out in front of him, frowned slightly, but instead of dawdling, he raised his hand and grabbed it directly. Yan Tianxing pulled her up with a little effort on his wrist. Mo Shangyun checked his cell phone, wallet, and dagger. Although he was rolling in a mess,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the clothes of the troops were of good quality and quantity, with deep pockets, and none of them were lost. After the examination, I heard Yan Tianxing ask in a low voice, "the first time?" After a pause, Mo Shangyun felt a little cold. This ambiguity.. Pretending not to recognize it, Mo Shangyun raised his hand and straightened his camouflage hat, shrugged his shoulders and said, "If this is actual combat." Yan Tianxing smiled suddenly. He raised his hand to the top of her head, patted her, then put his arm around her shoulder and laughed, "Let's go." Hearing the noisy voice overhead, Mo Shangyun did not have the idea of staying for a long time, and followed Yan Tianxing to the dense forest. The snow is getting heavier and heavier. The ground, branches, withered leaves and weeds were covered with a thin layer of snow, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, and the dark color of the mountain forest was matched with the white snow, making the scenery spectacular and beautiful. In a slightly flat field, Mo Shangyun sat beside a bonfire, lazily propping his chin and occasionally picking up some firewood from the bonfire. Four hours ago -- She and Yan Tianxing walked into the mountain forest. The mountain road is rugged and the weather is freezing, which has no effect on them. Yan Tianxing was born in the army, as long as there is land, he can easily step on any boundary. Mo Shangyun's identity is quite special. She knows a little about the skills of the three services of the Navy, Army and Air Force. This kind of mountain is not an obstacle for her. Then, the two men discussed and agreed to walk back to the military region. It's not that they have the intention to add to their own congestion, but that the signal here is not good, the phone can not get through, there is no way to contact the herdsman who runs errands, let alone let him come to pick them up. The next best thing is to find a way to climb to the road, but they also need to face the uncertainty of no signal and luck. Of course, in the face of the choice of various uncertain factors, the two almost tacitly chose this one. Well, it looks like it's going to be tough, but in fact, it's more.. No, it must be a path with ulterior motives. Looking at the jumping light of the fire, Mo Shangyun unconsciously raised his forehead. Tut. This time, it seems to be a big fall. Chapter 032, have you ever killed anyone? The bonfire burned for about ten minutes. Yan Tianxing appeared with a skinned rabbit and two fat and tender river fish. Hearing the sound of footsteps, Mo Shangyun dropped the branch in his hand and looked to the right along the sound. At first glance, I saw a tall and straight figure. At the second glance, he saw the food in his hand. The third eye is the angular, handsome and charming face. Camouflage military uniform, black military boots, set off a tall posture, with its own breathtaking, full of dangerous breath, but also hook the line of sight, difficult to move away. Oh The fundus of the eye crossed the wipe of surprise, and Mo Shangyun raised his eyebrows at him. This speed is really too fast. It was one kilometer away from the military region, and the two men stopped at the same time and put forward a "competition". Within half an hour, Mo Shangyun was responsible for lighting the bonfire, and Yan Tianxing was responsible for getting dinner. As things stand, the two are tied. Drill wood to make fire? With a leisurely pace, carrying the prey, Yan Tianxing approached the small tools beside the bonfire. Otherwise Mo Shangyun slanted his head and asked in reply. Ben was just going to come out for a meal. Who was carrying matches and flints for no reason? "If I remember correctly, you left the company less than ten days ago." Sitting down on the stone next to him, Yan Tianxing said with deep meaning. Mo Shangyun naturally handed over the sharpened and peeled stick and asked with a smile, "Is this a cliche?" Taking over the sticks of the same size and length that need obsessive-compulsive disorder to cut out, Yan Tianxing suddenly said with a straight face, "This is called mutual understanding." “……” The corners of Mo Shangyun's mouth twitch slightly. He can really say anything openly and openly without any affectation. Looking at the bonfire, Mo Shangyun added a few pieces of firewood to it, and then squinted at Yan Tianxing, "You should know my background." Putting all the prey on two sticks, Yan Tianxing slowly put it on the bonfire,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and then looked at Mo Shangyun. It was getting dark, and the light of the fire enveloped her. The jumping light made the shadow turbulent, but it added a lot of mild warmth.

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