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To access the third Farrwick in Genshin Impact, players must activate the best machine door after linking the circuit.

After opening the left door, Genshin Impact players have to get the second Farrwick. Once the Farrwick is collected, it should be used to free another Energy Relay from Gray Crystals, which will allow the party to open the best machine door.

The ultimate goal of the Genshin Impact exploration would be to eventually collect three Farrwick, freeing the 3 Energy Relays in the Gray Crystal. Doing so will permit the main character for connecting the three devices close to the elevator, turning the elevator functional again. After descending, Sorush can finally claim the ultimate Great Song of Khvarena, meaning one step nearer to cleansing the defilement in Tunigi Hollow.If you want to quickly get the desired 5-star character, you can buy Genshin Impact accounts on MMOWTS.

How To Link The Circuit And Activate The Right Machine Door In Genshin Impact

How to spread out the machine's right door in Genshin impact

After getting the 2nd Farrwick, players may use it around the Energy Relay to pay off its Gray Crystals. That will make power flow from this and players are now able to use it to open the best Machine door in Genshin Impact. To do so, players need to lead two energy flows into the best Machine door, one on both sides.

link the circuit and activate the right machine door Genshin Impact

For the left Control Device, simply rotate the Mixer that was accustomed to open the left Machine Door in Genshin Impact. Instead of facing north, it will now point south.

Genshin Impact accounts

activate right door link circuit Genshin Impact

Meanwhile, for the best Control Device, visit the Energy Relay around the other side, and move the Mixer alongside it. This one also needs to point south.

opening the equipment right door in Genshin impact-1

That will open the best machine door and players are now able to go through it to get the 3rd and last Farrwick to solve the 3 devices close to the elevator in Genshin Impact.

The chamber behind the best machine door in Genshin Impact includes a huge Furnace with lava pouring everywhere. This giant Furnace is accustomed to making Azosite, which is the core of the entire factory, found in the underground regions of Tunigi Hollow in Genshin Impact.

Inside, players will come across Nasejuna, and he’ll let them know more about the factory and argue a bit with Sorush about her capability to touch the Great Songs. Of course, the primary reason why the Traveler and everyone else there, would be to find the 3rd and last Farrwick to activate the relays sealed in Crystals, which eventually will activate the elevator.

Fortunately, finding the ultimate Farrwick involves no complicated puzzle. Players simply should be prepared for a fight, then stick to the quest marker to obtain the Farrwick up above a cliff.

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