Payu Harris
by on August 22, 2016
Currently in Cannonball ND just a stones throw from the official boundaries of the Hunkapapa Dakota tribe sits a ever growing camp of Native American tribal members and concerned supporters fighting for the future of the water supply for tens of thousands of people possibly affected if this proposed pipeline by Dakota Access is allowed to continue. The Dakota Access pipeline is a $2.8 Billion proposed 1,1500 mile pipeline that would transport millions of barrels of highly volatile bakken crude from north dakota to texas. The main area of concern comes from the section that goes beneath the Missouri river where a rupture would have the potential to contaminate millions of gallons of clean drinking water for people living downstream. Several tribal members have been arrested for protesting this pipeline and the ND Governor has issued a state of emergency and several people have expressed concern for the financial accounts of the protesters which are used to stock the growing camp with food and supplies. This is where crypto currencies have the ability to make a real difference by way of being secure from government tampering allowing financing to remain free from political sabotage and tampering. it also allows full accountability for the public to know what the donations are being used for and by whom. New Blockchain technologies allow for important documents to be securely stored on the blockchain and free from tampering or deletion. But what will have to happen first is for us in the crypto community to stop fighting one another and learn to come together for a common good, a cause nobler then ourselves for a time...the question is can we do this with in our own rank and file and seek that common good...? The people camped out protesting for our clean water hope so...
for those interested we've established a few donation accounts for those willing to Stake for charity or set their miners to our address for a time or donate directly....even a few cents worth of various cryptos add up if we all contribute...the funds are set for helping raise awareness of the protest, gas for getting people at the camp back and forth to gather supplies or charge devices to get word out on social media., we have plans to fundraise to get people to Wash DC. on Sept 26 for the NCAI Tribal leaders conference which will be the last sit down meeting between the current administration and tribal leaders . History is in the making...lets all be a part of it together...
Current Donation Addresses:
MZC: MLGqjhrWQ6puNWPZGeWEniG2gQSo5Suc6c
Bitcoin: 1DDs1K3UUhdts5mCzwKrcJff4bS53DuEvq
1337: LVoocnKfmiYgpQMeiTPrUhJNvJgyNwoooT
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