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by on April 21, 2023

So I've modified it on the beta to a squeak toy so that after WoTLK Gold I've spent the equivalent of 47 million hours playing the beta, I'm not getting tired and irritated the noise already and after hearing it on the live stream, I'm in the third group in the hallway. Once we get the sharpshooters down and we're ready to do is run into the next room, pull everything in that room and then we're actually going to go on for a while and enter the slime tunnel. Pull all the slimes except for the very last pack which I'll discuss in a little bit later, then we'll to put it all together in the boss's office and take it all out.

Be sure, before you go down the slime tunnel that you have enough HP . There have been times that I've made this last poll kind of in a hurry and suffered some damage, and I didn't realize I dropped down and then straight up ended up falling to the ground, which was extremely embarrassing. Don't let that happen to you.

You must either have enough HP or don't have forbearance so that you're able to Bob when you leap down. And, like I said, make sure you don't pull the slime that is the last one in this tunnel , as we're going to be using the slime to replenish mana while fighting the first boss at level 70. You will be able to effortlessly avoid pulling it by just walking straight up the ramp. Everything else should aggro onto you without having to do anything.

As you emerge from the tunnel, make a left and stand here and wait for the mobs to congregate there. We're going to kill the Acolytes and then to eliminate the rest the mobs and get ready for the boss the slimes will put a movement speed WoTLK Classic Gold that can also decrease your attack speed, but this can be cured with the peace of mind.

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