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Perhaps the largest question tormenting players that will return to WoW purely for Wrath, is exactly what class they ought to play. Classes differ in leveling speed, survivability, and mobility. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and buying wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

The TOP-5 classes which are perfect for leveling:

1. Death Knight — everyone as well as their mother recognizes that Wrath was by pointing out Death Knights. Death Knight was at their peak, being virtually unkillable, while dishing out insane levels of damage. Self-sustaining tanks, with the possibility to out-damage DPS classes – what’s to not like here? -The only bad thing is total insufficient mobility;

2. Paladin — the counterpart to Death Knight – the warrior of Light. If Paladins undergo exactly the same changes they'd the first time Wrath was around, then your Paladins will once more become the unkillable machines they used to be. And we actually want to be unkillable, because the less time spent on corpse runs means the greater time leveling away;

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3. Hunter and Warlock — your pet classes take this spot because them having pocket tanks within their pets. Pets contain the aggro, you don’t get hit – you don’t die and never dying is actually good once we previously stated;

4. Druid — the Jack of trades. Druid has everything – survivability, mobility, damage output – take your pick. However, it is worth noting that although Druid is ideal for leveling, they lack in the endgame, because of being an expert of none of the strengths;

5. Mage — the perfect class for min-max ers. Mage makes likes on the list due to the broken nature of the AoEs and being able to grind levels at an incredible speed via trash mobs in dungeons, however, that needs immense skill and is definitely not a selection for beginners.

Power Leveling from 68 to 80

You can turn to Northrend at level 68, and you're simply free to choose in which you want to advance on Northrend first. You can start conquering the frigid lands in the West, within the Borean Tundra, or in the East, by landing on Howling Fjord. Whichever side you select, leveling as much as 80 will require you on an outing to the heart of Northrend, the Icecrown. Let’s review locations 1 by 1, to refresh our memories and judge a leveling path.

Borean Tundra (67-73) — It’s the place Blizzard wants you to definitely go first, because of ships sailing here in the main cities of every faction. True to its namesake it really is a tundra, with mossy terrain and oil fields. You’ll be going in one hub to a different here, meeting new friends, and foes and surviving scourge assault firsthand.

Howling Fjord (67-72) — The alternate beginning to your Northrend journey. Here you'll meet Vrykuls, which place is really a must-see if you’re into WoW’s lore. Quests listed here are generally more entertaining compared to ones present in Borean Tundra, although not necessarily faster in completion.

Dragonblight (72-73) — resting place of the Galakrond, the progenitor of Dragonkind. Home to Wyrmrest Temple. Quests here begin to see the champions advance on scourge, socialize with Dragonflights, and finished the business using the Scarlet Onslaught.

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