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Step 1: Level To 80!

The very first thing I’m doing is level to 80 as quickly as I am able to. There are a handful of things I didn’t know when I started leveling my Warriors. And I wish to tell you now.

WOTLK Classic Gold

Get A Flying Mount

The very first thing is that you can have flying at level 60 within the Outlands. That was an enormous shock in my experience because I’d been riding around on the land map this complete time.

Also, for whatever reason, I completely forgot about Heirlooms. You could actually obtain a 10% XP bonus from both the chest and also the shoulders from Heirlooms. Though even without Heirlooms, I was leveling really fast. It’s about 2 hours of leveling even within the Outlands. 

Go Leveling In The Open Worlds

If you’re just a little hesitant to level within the open world at this time, I would recommend it without a doubt. It type of feels like retail honestly. The mobs just melt like butter. So, anyway, to what I’m doing to trap up.

Step 2: Pump AVs

Once I hit level 71, I’m likely to pump AV weekend as hard as I can. AV weekend starts on April 7th.

Open-world leveling in Northrend continues to be really fast. Just make sure to available your Tome Of Cold Weather Flight at 68, to help you fly around. Being able to do those early quests around the flying mount feels as though cheating or if you really wish to cheat, you can just obtain a boost from 72 to 80.

For me, leveling up an AV is only likely to take a handful of sessions. But if for reasons unknown I’m too busy with my Warrior, I’ll just acquire some boost instead. I’ve already leveled up several times. I really don’t feel any shame inside it.

Step 3: What Comes After Level 80?

You’re just doing level 80. What are you likely to do to trap up with ToC?

The very first thing I would do and also the thing I’m already doing is farming just as much WOTLK Classic Gold as possible.

While you’re having your BOEs or while you’re PVP, it's also wise to be hitting Heroic Plus. I’d recommend attempting to fill out all of your slots with blues or purples before you decide to do Heroic Plus. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but individuals are pretty choosy with regard to her Rough Climber’s Grips.

Heroic Plus really fixes all of your gear issues simultaneously. I mean, to begin with, you’ll need to be getting a couple of free max-level epics and also the daily heroic quest can give your Emblems of Conquest.

If you browse the conquest vendor, you will get so many different pieces. Of course, there are your actual best chest and helmet tier pieces. Plus, you will get necklaces, belts, legs, and also the list goes on and on. Players can buy wotlk classic boosting from a trustworthy shop like MMOWTS to gain access to powerful new abilities and strategies.

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