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Prospecting Titanium Ore

I think probably the most commonly anticipated method of obtaining gems will probably be from prospecting Titanium Ore and I’m sure there're lots of you who are stacking on thousands and thousands of Ttanium or on the point of basically starting spam prospecting everything to get in front of everybody else with regards to the amount of Epic Gems you’ve got.

Now, the likelihood of getting Epic Gems inside them does seem extremely high. It’s not only the Epic Gems that we’re actually after here. One of the big ones is Titanium Powder, and we’ll go and also have a look at what that’s for in a second.

WOTLK Classic Gold

As you can observe, I’ve prospected nearly one hundred Titanium Ore right now without obtaining a single Epic Gem. Of course, a lot of it is luck and also you might get five Epic Gems in extremely swift succession. I just took 95 ore to obtain a single Eye of Zul. Out of 100, we did get 14 Titanium Powder. 

Now taking a look at the historic post here on Wowhead, you can observe that this person prospected 7080 Titanium Ore, which was 1416 prospects. They got 405 epics 377 Blues 2,259 greens and 1076 dust. He stopped working the percentages and we are able to probably expect those to be much like what we’re likely to expect in WotLK Classic.

What would you use the Dust for? When Phase 3 comes around, there are likely to be lots of new recipes that you simply likely to need to obtain because basically all of the recipes you’ve got for that blue gems right now you’re likely to need to obtain all the Epic variations of these as well.

Timothy Jones may be the guy from which you normally get a daily quest. He may be the one that sells many of these epic recipes and you can observe they’re all for every. And to obtain all the recipes, you’re likely to need lots of Jewelcrafter’s Tokens and when you ended up being to rely solely on such things as damaged necklaces and doing all of your dailies, it’s likely to take you a long time to obtain them all. 

Now, originally around the PTR for Trial from the Crusader in older days, it had been a daily quest that you simply handed 10 of those Titanium Powders in. When I said daily quest is really a repeatable quest, instead you can now just purchase them from the vendor.

10 titanium Powder is a Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token. So, if this sounds like how you get lots of tokens you can obviously purchase recipes. So, not just are you stacking on Titanium Ore to be able to obtain the Epic Gems, but you have to stack on Titanium Ore now to be able to obtain the Titanium Powder so that you can purchase the recipes.

The individuals with the big recipes first are likely to be the ones which are absolutely making Bank off of the Auction House. So, this may be the Titanium Ore rule of having gems, specifically Epic Gems, but there are more ways. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and buying wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

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