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In Path of Exile, players can choose the class according to their preferences, and everyone has original ideas. Some players will POE Currency Buy for their characters and enhance his strength, and some players will delve into the game mechanics to continuously hone their characters. However, some players may not understand the mechanics of Scion when they choose Scion, thus failing to exert its strength. Here are the tips that players need to pay attention to.

Choose attack or spell. Scion has many synergistic options, but unfortunately the attack increase does not increase the spell damage, and vice versa. Therefore, it is best to consider and decide in advance whether Scion should cause a lot of physical damage or spell damage. If players want to increase their damage quickly, they can buy POE Currency to buy better weapons. This does not mean that swords cannot be filled with huge fire attributes, or arrows cannot have lightning for them. This only means that players who do this should choose the most important primary source of damage.

Gain life and mana leeches. Players will like classes that focus on life and mana extraction. Scion’s basic health and mana are very low. In order to circumvent this weakness, let the damage itself be the source of health and mana, so that descendants can continue to provide many numbers without sacrificing stability. Players can also buy POE Orbs to get the items they want.

Prioritize burst damage. Slowness and stability may win competition from other professions. Scion is at its best when it focuses on large spells with large numbers. As a side effect of low health and mana pool, this means she is more likely to die in a long encounter. The solution is not a long encounter. Invest in skill gems and passive characteristics, which can cause rapid and sudden damage explosions. The harder Scion attacks and the sooner the fight ends, the more likely she is to survive. If you want to survive in battle, buy POE Currency to buy some defensive equipment may be effective.

Plan for the success of the late game. Scion is not a single profession, so it may be difficult for players to want it to exert great strength in the early stage. Although it is the weakest in the middle, it is not only successful in the late game but also very interesting after the player gains feats, gems and skills or buy POE Currency. If the players have enough creativity, then it may show amazing strength. 

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