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A South Dakota medical marijuana card is also available online as a medical program helping each human to obtain their medical cannabis cards quickly. The prime focus is to help patients requiring marijuana fast and safely. This practical guide will answer all your questions and help you know the appeal value for their South Dakota medical marijuana card. The strategy of HIPAA-compliant cell offered by many popular platforms of telemedicine caters to provide such good facilities.


The upgraded 2021 guide to get a medical marijuana card is briefed below. In addition, it lays an overview of the past medical cannabis laws and legislations prevailing in South Dakota.


People who can apply for a marijuana card 

Persons over 18 years of age can apply for this card without their parents’ or guardians’ approval. However, if the caretaker program includes South Dakota patients, then they can quickly obtain the card by obtaining the consent of their older parents or guardians.




  • MMJ card permit

As the holder of an MMJ card, South Dakota allows you to consume 3 Oz of the drug. Also approved, amended, and sanctioned as on 3rd November 2020 in South Dakota, persons more than 21 years of age can carry only 1 Oz the marijuana.


Supposing, both above measures will apply on the same day.


  • . How can we apply


The exact procedure still stands undefined because legalization is yet to be established. But a few hypothecations can still be made today.

  • You can consult a doctor for a South Dakota medical marijuana card if you get an approved appointment. You will only be charged when your work is confirmed.
  • Your physician will check your medical history and suggest to you accordingly for the consumption of the drug.
  • If the doctor is satisfied, he shall provide you with a certificate determining that the patient is eligible for a South Dakota medical marijuana card. A confirmation shall be made through an email.


  • Online evaluation


After a thorough evaluation of the doctor concerning the medical history and records of the patient, he may issue an MMJ card. Evaluation can be done online as well. The information shared is fully secure. One needs to fill up a form and share some scanned documents. If any doubts, you can also have a video call with the doctor. Certification shall be provided for, and a PDF shall be mailed. 


Just in case your application is rejected, you still shall be informed about it, and the reason behind its rejection shall also be submitted to you. A rejected application shall not have to bear any cost. However, if any amount had been paid, it shall be nullified.





  •   Conditions to avail MMJ card 

Though the entire inclusive list is not revealed yet, still the below-mentioned illnesses are deemed to be covered under the provisions to avail the South Dakota medical marijuana card:

  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • AIDS
  • PTSD
  • Sclerosis
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Bowel syndrome







  • Documents required to get an MMJ card

An identification proof, proof of residency, and an attested certificate from a certified doctor are the documents required to get an MMJ card.

A valid driving license, voter ID, ID card given by the state, or a passport are the best identification proofs that can be validated.

Any utility bill, a document from the state government, bank statement, or rental agreement are the best proof of proof that can be considered proof of residency.

Post your consultation with the doctor, a PDF shall be sent for verification of your accepted application, and that you can now acquire a South Dakota medical marijuana card soon.



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