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If you are getting to maps as a totally new player, it's hard for you to farm PoE Currency in Path of Exile, you will need to have a lot of tries to find the right way to farming money in this game, which will take so much time, so igvault would tell you how to make money in PoE with the highest efficiency.

Mapping Methods

First, simply farming the highest maps available. Farming tier 16 maps with enough investment to sustain them (chisels, alchemy orbs, vaal orbs, and sextants) is a very common and very profitable approach to mapping. It’s easy and doesn’t take a ton of thought, particularly if you find a way to run the same map over and over again. Personally I’ve ran around 1000 tier 16 Promenades in the last two leagues. Is it the best or easiest way to make money? No, but it’s a nice middle ground where it’s not too complicated, makes decent money, and gives you good exp to boot.

The second method is farming low tier maps, typically Burial Chambers. If you farm low tier maps they are incredibly easy to sustain, so you really only have to ‘alc and go’, meaning use an Orb of Alchemy and throw the map in the map device, nothing else needed. Because of the low investment into these maps, everything you get back is pure profit. You won’t get as much good loot as tier 16s, but your investment is so low that your profit margin ends up being very high. This is especially true if you farm maps like Burial Chambers that have good divination cards that can drop and give you large windfalls.

The third method is to run good layout tier 14s as fast as possible and farm the Conquerors and Sirus. These bosses drop loot that is very expensive, and they can be spawned by running an average of 40-50 red maps. As long as you are getting average drops from the bosses, you’ll make a ton of money doing this.

These are the main methods that people farm the endgame through mapping. This is a small step above simply putting any map you find into the map device and hoping for the best, which is itself not the worst for progressing. But these methods are the ones that will return the most money through typical maps.


To do this method, you need a bit more than average knowledge about item value and which mods are desirable, but it’s possible to do it with simple items as well.

Buy rare items with 1 prefix or 1 suffix open and no crafted mod on it. If you find ring with 65 life, 2 resistance mods and mana mod. The ring has open suffix – it means you could craft say Strength or Dexterity or even more resistance on that ring. After you craft the mod on ring and relist it in Trade site with higher price, now it will potentially show up on more specific searches that it didn’t before.

Flipping items

Buying items off the trade market, then selling them for a higher price - usually in bulks. It’s really boring but it’s profitable especially if you have loads of currency already.

Farm The Eternal Labyrinth

The Path of Exile community unanimously agrees that farming the Eternal Labyrinth is too much of a pain point to go through. Every run is filled with many side rooms players must navigate, traps that can one-shot certain builds, and a boss that can one-shot most players.

All of that said, the community's disdain for this activity makes it a perfect place to make money. Create a build with either as much physical damage reduction or speed as possible. From there, look for players that need an Uber Lab carry and guide them through for a fee. Not only will this grant the player passive income, but every run will also give players the chance to make dozens of Exalted Orbs if they land a good helmet enchantment from the Divine Font. Enchant popular helmets for the current league and carry players to make a large amount of money from Labyrinth runs.

Farming Currency

You can do these tips pretty easily, and it only gets more profitable if you focus on doing one of these exclusively. Of course, one of the easiest ways to make money in POE is just to play the game. As you kill mobs, items will drop, and there will almost always be currency in those drops. Filtering through the thousands of item drops in POE can really be helped by using a good loot filter.

Knowing Currency values is vital to farming effectively. There are several tools like POE Ninja to assist with checking the values in a given League, so make a habit of checking Currency values consistently, as they always change.

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