Publish Date: April 6, 2016
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SHA256 Launched 11 Sept 2013
We have entered the sustain ERA ... asic tech has lead to a complex industry ... the time has come for joint venture partnership project ... that project is ASC ... the coin has survived a two year long trail by fire and now it is time to purposefully put it to use.
ASIC is a community that monitors the asic landscape. Pools, Hardware, RentaHash, tools, and coins and also strategically invests in ASIC related projects.
Here's the vision:
-ASIC promotes the better & proven pool operations
-ASIC invests in the best Sha, Scrypt, and x11 coins
-ASIC helps discovery of the best ASIC hardware, and will seek to facilitate group orders
What in the world are you trying to do exactly?
1. Good Question.
2. Not exactly sure but the rough idea is:
Create a hub for SHA, Scrypt, and x11 pool ops and miners
all this gets managed by ASIC a coin and eventually someday some how becomes a DAC
but first it is just a directory of useful info for ASIC miners
3. Runs on donations, affiliate links, and bribes ;D (also sales, subscriptions but later on that)
so donate
asic coin / ASC