Publish Date: February 23, 2016
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Ultracoin was created in February of 2014 by a small team with a remarkable vision, that was, to create a crypto-currency that can meet the requirements of a real world currency. Hundreds of years of central banking have compounded the world economy with instability, crony-capitalism, drawn out wars, colossal governments, and an unsustainable system of government backed fiat. The tides are beginning to change, and the world is beginning to see the inevitable sunset of Keynesianism, and the rise of decentralized currencies. To meet these expectations, Ultracoin was created to ensure that the fundamental principles of currencies are met; it must be a unit of account, divisible, stable, and accepted. The Ultracoin management team and community are obsessed with meeting these requirements, especially acceptance, which we believe is the staple of any successful currency. Except we plan to do that without force and government backed "legal tender" laws, our goal is to create a voluntary, competitive, and widely accepted free market currency. We firmly believe that a currency with a community engaging enough, supportive enough, and innovative enough, can pave the future of modern voluntary exchange. Ultracoin is poised to be that future, with no gimmicks, no hype, just what makes a currency a currency, welcome to the future.
To create a premire, accepted, easy to use, decentralized and supported crypto-currency with enough mass appeal to become seriously disruptive to the current economic system. To remain competitive in an unforgiving and ruthless free market in competing currencies, and never become a commodity. To become a powerful alternative to debt backed fiat, and never lose sight of that purpose. To take economics seriously, with disregard to gimmicks and manipulation. To provide stable releases that can serve users without fail. To garner a community united by a common purpose, mutual self-interest, and passion for crypto-currency. To take our communities investment, time, talent, and effort to the future, instead of "to the moon".
To create a currency worthy of voluntary acceptance, without "legal tender" laws. To create money that will last years beyond generations, and not money that will be losing its value, starting wars, manipulated by political agendas, controlled by banks, printed to infinity, forced upon the people, squandering savings accounts, propping up the financial sector, or controlled by the few. To create a currency that will be recognized beyond political affiliations, geographical boarders, or nationalities. To change the face of currency and the way commerce is performe