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Steve Mc

Steve Mc

Male. Born on January 1.
29 likes Coins
CryptoChainer gives you access to full blockchains of your favorite coins. Just download the .zip file related to the the coin, and extract to your coins' data folder. Your wallet will be in sync either instantly, or much faster than sync'ing from scratch. Bootstrap files can take a long time to import, and are often not anywhere near up-to-date. These full blockchains just work, and can be very convenient when you have some older coins, and just want to take advantage of changes in the market. Currently, there are no ads, and the site is provided free-of-charge. We appreciate donations, and will work to support the network with nodes for these coins when possible. Our goal is to help keep these coins alive, and accessible to everyone. The ever-changing world of Crypto is hard enough to keep up with. CryptoChainer is here to bring it all together. http://CryptoChainer.com
Steve Mc