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Jokie Smurf

Jokie Smurf

Male. Lives in Toledo, Ohio, United States. Born on May 14. Is single.
By: on October 9, 2016
I have been researching what is required to build a mining pool. I am building on a Debian linux server. Pool software designed for Ubuntu does not work well on Debian, and sometimes not at all. I tried several pool software packages: MPOS, NOMP, UNOMP, ZPOOL, CoiniumServ and a few python stratum derivatives. MPOS: Works ok on a windows system but on Debian linux has a few problems. The stratum may need to be updated, as the outdated dependencies throw errors on linux. I tried only a few small f...
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By: on April 12, 2016
I have been performing security audits and scans of various currency exchanges, forums and websites. All crypto related. Many of these websites and exchanges make bold claims about how secure they are and how "unhackable" they are. I will be providing proof as to whether any such claims are valid, or just hot air. I will definitively prove that a given exchange or forum is secure and trust worthy, or full of shit. I am sorting through all of my archives and I will be posting them here. All of th...
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By: on February 17, 2016
I am researching what it takes to build a coin, regardless of algorithm chosen. Building dependency libraries, setting up mingw, compiling Qt, designing icons and logo, etc, etc. The process of building a coin will have similarities no matter the operating system used to compile it. The base functionality of any coin must conform to a standard that has already been established. I could build a coin based on entirely new libraries and core functions, but the coin would likely not be accepted by t...
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