Tractor Gyan586
on April 20, 2023
Eicher 480 is a popular tractor model manufactured by Eicher Tractors, a leading brand in the agricultural machinery industry. This tractor is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, which produces a maximum power of 45 horsepower. It has a robust build and is designed to perform efficiently in tough farming conditions. The tractor is fitted with advanced features such as oil-immersed brakes, adjustable front axles, and a comfortable operator seat. These features provide the tractor with a smooth ride and easy maneuverability. The Eicher 480 is suitable for a variety of farming tasks, including plowing, harvesting, tilling, and transportation of goods. Overall, it is a reliable and durable tractor that provides excellent performance and efficiency on the farm.
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Categories: Community Projects
Dimension: 600 x 400
File Size: 61.05 Kb
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