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on June 16, 2022
YouTube TV Not Working on Samsung Smart TV
YouTube TV is one of the most popular videos streaming platforms, and it provides members with access to TV stations as well as on-demand shows. If YouTube TV not Working on Samsung Smart TV, then follow below solutions:
1. Power Cycle You Samsung TV - Sometimes a simple power cycle is all you need to do to solve the problem.
2. Clear your Samsung TV’s Cache - If the cache was the reason your YouTube was not working, then clear your Samsung TV's cache to solve your problem.
3. Restart YouTube TV App on Your Samsung TV - Sometimes restarting apps can be all we need to get the applications to work again.
4. Update YouTube TV App on Your Samsung TV - It is important to check whether all the applications of your TV are up to date. Keep YouTube TV app on Samsung TV.
5. Factory Reset Your Samsung TV - At times, you may have to reset your TV to default settings to make it functional.
6. Uninstall and Reinstall the YouTube App - Reinstalling the YouTube app on your Samsung TV might be enough to solve the problem of YouTube TV not working.
7. Resetting Time on Your Samsung TV - If time is not set properly on your Samsung TV an error may be triggered to cause the issue. Resetting Time on Your Samsung TV to fix the issue.
These methods are among the possible solutions to help you solve the problem of YouTube TV not working on your Samsung Smart TV.
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