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on July 22, 2021
Crypto payment gateway is like a Digital payment gateway which helps us to speed up the transaction of currencies. For a safe and secured transaction method, most of the business people go with the Crypto payment method. Entrepreneurs and startups who want to start their crypto exchange must integrate their platform with Crypto payment gateway.
Multi cryptocurrency gateway development process is done through automated smart contracts. Payments can be sent and received in many cryptocurrencies. They facilitate more transactions and anonymous due to the presence of a Blockchain network. They are cost effective and has high speed of transaction.
Fast growing Crypto payment network
In this modern era transaction of currencies are a big deal. We could not believe the users. For safe and secured transactions Crypto payment gateway network acts as a user-centric gateways for quick and fast transaction time. WeAlwin Technologies offers you the best Crypto payment gateway and has team of experts who offers you the Securable Crypto payment gateway development with the better features and can be modified according to the merchant’s requirements.
How does the Crypto payment gateway work ?
Step 1 : First of all the user has to get the crypto wallet address from the receiver.
Step 2 : The receiver should have the Crypto payment gateway software who has to send or receive the payment.
Step 3 : If the user wants btc as payment, the receiver should give
their btc wallet address so that the transaction occurs within a second.
Step 4 : After the transaction the user and the receiver receives sms or email notification for the reference.
Step 5 : The receiver can convert the payment into fiat or any other currency mode into their crypto wallet.
Step 6 : All the transactions are completely safe as it is secured by the Blockchain technology.
Why to choose Crypto payment gateway development ?
The digital wallet is used instead of traditional credit card method now a days. Crypto payment gateway method is chosen due to the fast transaction. The crypto payment received can be converted to any fiat currencies anytime. Cryptocurrency payments do not have any chargebacks and also can be processed rapidly. Some of the beneficial factors for going with Crypto payment gateway are,
Fastest transaction time.
Seamless conversion mode.
Multiple payment method.
Multiple blockchain currency.
User based control funds.
Multiple wallets
Two factor authentication
High data security.
The number of crypto coins has steadily been proliferating for some days, and it is mandatory for the crypto payment gateway to accept all the possible merchants. Wealwin Technologies assure that they are properly constructed as per market standards and ready to take on the Global market.
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