RateCoin XRA
on March 24, 2019
StakeMiners - This Week - 24 March 2019
>Buy-Stake-Earn - Since March 2015<
Weekly Data
Stakepool altcoins = 3.44 BTC, 3 active wallets.
Ratecoin holding 6.45M Ratecoin[XRA].
Ratecoin optimal block size 15,000 coins.
Block explorer: Stakeminers.ca
Currently mining: ZCL
--- StakeMiners
Trading has resumed on FreiExchange, at Cryptopia our balances are in place though trading of Ratecoin XRA remains offline until the wallet has been secured by their team. We have removed all our buy/sell orders and will step back into the market once trading resumes.
In addition to account buyouts the past year, we have increased our stakepool from 2.65 to 3.44 BTC, a 30% increase. We continue to direct stakepool and gpu mine earnings to buyouts until compelete, then we'll redirect earnings to Ratecoin support.
-- Ratecoin (XRA)
Trading has just resumed at FreiExchange with the Sell/Buy ratio at 3:1.
-- 1 BTC Stake Earning Rate in USD - February 2019
Next update at the end of March 2019.
Daily 0.00009715 (0.38 USD)
Weekly 0.00068005 (02.64 USD)
Montly 0.00291451 (11.34 USD)
February 2019, annual earning rate: Monthly $11.34 x 12 months = $136.08 / $3846 BTC 28 February = 0.0353 * 100 = 3.53%.
January 2019, annual earning rate: Monthly $11.49 x 12 months = $137.88 / $3586 BTC 27 January = 0.0384 * 100 = 3.84%.
Quarters have been restated to follow a calendar year. There is no change from December to January as the price of bitcoin fell more than our earning rate resulting in no change to the actual monthly rate at the 2 decimal reporting level.
Q1-2019 Jan-Mar Earning Average: pending
Q4-2018 Oct-Dec Earning Average:4.20%
Q3-2018 Jul-Sep Earning Average:3.59%
-- Social Media
Crypto-City: XRA-Rate-Coin
Facebook: StakeMiners
Twitter: @Stakeminers, @Ratecoinxra
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/K5YdW3H
StakeMiners Cryptocurrency (StakeMiners.com) is an altcoin Proof of Stake (POS) company. Our email is: info@stakeminers.com.
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