by on November 17, 2016
The prize pool is 10 000 PostCoins! Special bonuses for out-kicks of specific players: · 1000 PostCoins who out-kicks @chetlanin · 1000 Post Coins who out-kicks @Boroda · 500 PostCOins who out-kicks @oldminder The 1st place winner also receives the gift ticket to BetCoin poker room! The tournament is scheduled on November 20th,2016 at 20:00 Moscow time. Terms for participation in the tournament: Apply in the following thread надо by indicating these details (http://community.postcoin.pw/index.php?forums/postcointeam-pokerclub.25): a) PokerStars nickname; b) Postcoin community nickname; c) Postcoin wallet number Leave a review how you found out about Postcoin Poker Club. We will appreciate your opinion about ins and cons. Terms for the Gift Ticket: The winner by activation of the gift ticket agrees and confirms that in case of winning in the BetCoin tournament with the gift ticket, will buy Postcoins in the Exchange; If the 1st place winner refused to activate the gift ticket, the right to get and activate if receives the next winning place candidate; To activate the gift ticket, the candidate must PM to the following user http://community.postcoin.pw/index.php?members/boroda.13/ Instruction how to join Postcoin Poker Club (for newbies): http://community.postcoin.pw/index.php?threads/poker-club-postcointeam.118/
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