Cameron McCloskey
by on January 4, 2019

Skeincoin is proud to announce its recent partnership with VINT Consult. The company has been operational for almost 7 years providing a plethora of services including business planning, marketing, HR consulting and it also helps businesses achieve strategic success as well as operational goals. VINT consult serves many businesses and despite its base in Belarus, it now reaches clients in many countries including: Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Cyprus.

VINT consult is not restricted solely to the cryptocurrency sphere and has found success with partnerships in many fields including service, trade, production and agriculture. Despite this, the company has a strong interest in the future of cryptocurrency and has successfully registered the first “Cryptounion” titled “Support and Development of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies” again in Belarus. Along with serving over 1700 clients, it is safe to say that Skeincoin values VINT consult as a very useful and versatile partner.

Through this partnership, Skeincoin will begin to formulate its marketing operation which will soon be underway. After working hard on the core product, the Skeincoin company and other partnerships, Skeincoin is now ready to embark, together with VINT consult, on an advertising campaign to show the world its unique product and service and how it can change the world. Skeincoin will be supported in the many domains of marketing such as strategy, branding, market research and promotion.

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