virtual phone became a searcher,wanting to discover who i was and what made me precise. my view of myself turned into changing. i desired a stable base to start from. i commenced to resist3 stress to behave in ways that i didn’t like any greater,and i used to be delighted by who i in reality become. i got here to feel a good deal extra sure that no one can ever take my region.
How to Eat Right
  There’s eating and then there’s eating! Nutrition experts at the Harvard School of Public Health in the US have come up with the Healthy Eating Plate, a blueprint for eating a well-balanced meal that will maximize wellbeing. Here’s what to choose: Vegetables Eat a variety, but go easy on potatoes, as in the short term they lead to blood-sugar surges and in the long term they result in weight gain and heart disease. Fruit Choose a rainbow of them every day. Whole grains Choose wholegrains such as oats, whole-wheat bread and brown rice. Healthy proteins Choose fish, poultry, beans or nuts. Limit red meat and avoid processed meats. Healthy oils Use plant oils (olive, canola), as they reduce harmful cholesterol. Limit butter and trans fat. Water Drink water, tea or coffee (with little or no sugar). Limit milk, dairy and juice, and say no to fizzy drinks.
Janet Oliva