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Exile - players can choose six different professional characters first. They were exiled to varas, commonly known as "Ghost Island" for crimes or various reasons. Players must be full of magic and all kinds of ferocious creatures. Where to live. To some extent, the work draws on the Tehran series, especially Diablo II, which also adopts a dark style and has a profound description of the creation of a bloody and horrible atmosphere. The characters in the game have three basic abilities: strength, agility, and wisdom. An entrepreneurial career has one or two core competencies. All equipment and weapons are the same. Additional abilities also correspond to armor, dodge, and energy. A shield, etc. If you are a horror-themed game player and have excellent operation skills, then I believe "exile road" is very suitable for you. If you don't know the game before, you can take some time to experience it, I believe you will be attracted. If you are an old player and want to buy Poe currency, please go to http://www.vhpg.com/