Cuffs carry a lot of burdens to add notably to your personality and practicality, making them an inevitable part of the discussion regarding styling a white shirt. Cuffs are categorized in terms of how they are fastened, and we have three major types of shirt cuffs, they are:

  • Link Cuff - One of the rarest cuff types that are traditionally considered the most elegant and formal. They feature buttonholes on both sides and are tied with cufflinks.
  • Button Cuff - Also known as a barrel cuff, the button cuff is a folded back cuff, which is then rolled around the hand and buttoned. There are more names for it, such as the Bond Cuff or a Turnback Cuff.
  • Cocktail Cuff - More commonly known as the James Bond cuff, convertible, flow back, or turnback cuff. They have similar traits to the French and are secured with two buttons. You can fashion it with occasions demanding both black and white tie.

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