C.A.T. BetaV1
First Version

C.A.T. BetaV2+V3
- Lot of General Code Improvements
- Add Ping Pong algo Parameter Total Update During Running
- Add Currency code/Label on General Market View and Ping Pong creator panel
- Add the SELL All if buy price goes under Y.XXXXXXXX
- Add the SELL All if current price VS reference price goes negative over -X%
- Add XPM Markets and XPM Gain Logs
- Add Stop Ping Creation If Sell Price is than Y.XXXXXXXX
- Add Stop Ping Creation If Buy Price is < Y.XXXXXXXX> - Now you can Add New Ping Orders at Run-Time
- Remove Price Order Limits
- Add My Balances TAB

C.A.T. Beta2 V4
- Double click on suggested Sell/Buy price will fill the Ping Pong Parameter Order
- Improvements in Order Recalculation
- Now you can load and stop during loading the "markets loading process" in General Market View

C.A.T. Beta2 V5
- Ping Orders created by users haven't the Retry Condition, if Order Creation goes Wrong, user get an Error Message with description
- Market Analyzer 
- "Close Only Ping Orders" Command (There will be a combobox with all the "Markets Command")
- Gains are not text file but TABLE with columns

C.A.T. Beta2 V6
New Ping Pong Algorithm Creation Interface
Pending Operation Routine (To Avoid Frozen and Concurrent Structure Update)
Estimated Portfolio Value (First Version)
Login Screen Doesn't Retry when error occur
Add a sorter to all the tables
Lot of Minor Fix

C.A.T. Beta2 V7
Recompiled in JAVA 7 
You Can Export GAIN Tables to xls file
Remove "General Info Panel"  in the "Market General Status Tab"
Statistic Panel & Utility merged in unique panel
Some code minor fix
Some graphic fix
Add Ping Table, Pong Table, Trade Table
Add Info about Buy/Sell Pool (the amount from auto-ping orders are created)

C.A.T. Beta2 V8
All Calls to Cryptsy will be done in separate Threads to avoid GUI Freeze
Add Volume Information/Markets Creation Date/Last Trade in general markets table
New Portfolio Value with more data added
New Launch Parameter in BAT File, to Avoid Heap Space Exception
Each Market have his error log, only general/unexpected/http errors will remain in the General Error Log
General Market Status Panel is now "On Demand" by pressing the new button "Watch Market" in "Running Algorithm" tab
Ping Pong Creation Panel is now "On Demand" by pressing the new button "Ping Pong Algo" in "Running Algorithm" tab
For ping Sell Orders there will be a ComboBox with Suggestion with "Full Quantity" "Half Quantity"........"1/5 Quantity"
Now you can DragNDrop The Tab in "My Market Tables" && "Global Gain Tabs"
Table Gains are into a ScrollPane and Columns are not "auto-resized"
A LOT of code reorganization.

C.A.T. Beta2 V9
Vertical Dashboard
General GUI Reorganization
All Gain Tables Are Sortable
You can Force Tab Closing while Ping-pong is running
From the Toolbar you can choose to delete All Your Orders (Cryptsy + CAT) or only CAT Orders
Added a Start TIme Label + Running Time Label in 
Option "Ping Orders Are Static" (CAT Will not try to recreate user's Ping Orders)
"Run Algorithm for XX Minutes and then return all to Primary Currency" : an option to Sell All Altcurrency After X Time and stop creating new Buy Orders.
Some minor fix

C.A.T. Beta3
New API Parallel Queue Request
Stats Panel For Each Markets
Sort Open Market in Lexicographic Order
Markets Tab change dynamically colour depending by the algoritm Status.
You can Copy (CTRL+C) your Portfolio Value written in the label
Some code fix
Little Gui Changes

C.A.T. Beta3V2
New Color Status : Green-Wait, Yellow-Lookup, Black-Stop Red-Zombie
Using of TimeThread insted of Timer (it seems more stable)
You can Manage Log FOlder (Logs-Gain + Logs- Error). There will be a default RootLogs (or you can change after Login Procedure)
General Stats Panel (the sum of the Single Market Stats Panel)
More Stats in the Panels
Now you can decide to return all to SecondaryCurrency(BTC/LTC/XPM)  or PrimaryCurrency (Market Currency)
When creating an order you can change "Total" which in turn will change "quantity"
Now You can Start CAT Directly from JAR (Double Click or Right Mouse + Open With Java)
Some code Fix
Add a Read-Me File

C.A.T. Beta3V3
Remove Pennies/Cent Dedicate Code
General Stats for LTC/XPM Markets
Java Exception will be printed in the Console Error
Add A Lot of Check And Message in the Error Log (Lot Are False Positive)

C.A.T. Beta3V4
Super-Process To Check Frozen Markets
New XML File with minimum Quantity Required For Each Markets
There will be 3 Gain Log (1 for BTC Markets, 1 for LTC, 1 for XPM)
Some Fixes

C.A.T. Beta3V5
Remove Aggressive Mode (Is equal to Normal Mode without Parameter set)
You can Reproduce a Sound when a Ping-Pong is completed
You can choose to never clear the markets log
The Calculator in the Option Panel is now in the "Static Parameter" section in Ping Pong creator Panel. 
User Option Panel
Default Value Of Ping Pong is "Normal @ 0.8 GAIN"
New Toolbar Option "Check % Diff on Each Open Market"
Stronger Api Interface code due to "strange" Cryptsy Error in Api Jeson Return
Some Gui Changes
Some Code Fixes

C.A.T. Beta3V6
Utility For Creation of CryptoMinQuantity.xml File
Min Quantity label in "Generate Ping Pong Panel"
All Market Logs will be save in a new Folder called : Logs\MarketLogs
When Ping-Pong start, PingPong Parameters Will be Printed in The Market Log
You can open a Market From "Your Balance Panel"

C.A.T. Beta3V7
Added a Routine to check if API Get Orders Result is not sorted. The Order List Will Be Sorted By C.a.T.
You can re-launch the process GetBalance and Check Current Status if process is frozen
Markets list have 3 separate Tabs
When you load markets there will be the TimeStamp of finish load
Add Option "Always Create Pong Orders" in Ping-Pong Creator Panel
Add a chart in the Global Statistic Panel with the number of ping-pong success
Check after Login that the 4 Directory (RootLog + ErrorLog + MarketLog + GainLog) exists. If not C.a.T. will create them.
Various fixes

C.A.T. Beta3V8
New API Url :
Fixes portfolio problem due to a change from Cryptsy in "getinfo" Api Call
Added new Panel in Market Algo : Algo Status
Added Never Buy Under Option
Added Never Sell Over Option
Added these actions at Market Level and Global Level (On The Cryptsy toolbar)
 - Stop Process
 - Stop Ping Creation
 - Restart Ping Creation
 - Stop Pong Creation
 - Restart Pong Creation
 - Stop Ping Buy Creation
 - Restart Ping Buy Creation
 - Stop Ping Sell Creation
 - Restart Ping Sell Creation
 - Stop Pong Buy Creation
 - Restart Pong Buy Creation
 - Stop Pong Sell Creation
 - Restart Pong Sell Creation
 - Close All Orders
 - Close All Sell Orders
 - Close All Buy Orders
 - Close All Ping Orders
 - Close All Ping Buy Orders
 - Close All Ping Sell Orders
 - Close All Pong Orders
 - Close All Pong Sell Orders
 - Close All Pong Buy Orders
 - Remove All Trades
Some Other Fixes + Code Reorganization

C.A.T. Official 1.0
Export Portfolio Value in Excel Format
On "Save Current Parameter Algo", if algo is not running, temporary parameter will be saved.
From General Market Lookup Panel you can Export All Markets Data (1 Excel with 8 sheet)
Added "Real" % GAIN In Gain TAB/Global Gain Tab
You Can Update XML Min Quantity File At Runtime (New Option on Toolbar Tools)
When yo SAVE Xml Min Quantity C.A.T. will suggest the folder where the old XML Quantity file is.
Added VOLUME (BTC) in Load Markets Panel
CAT Logo Gallery
Some Gui Changes
Some Fix

C.A.T. Official 1.1
- C.A.T. is now able to get the primary Markets and create GUI interface in dynamic Way (BTC, LTC, XPM, XXX...)
- Add Real Portfolio Value
- Added "Always try to create Ping Order"
- Fix inside Static Mode Algo
- Add a Check into "Always Create Pong" algo
- Added NTX Dedicate Quantity CODE (No Decimal)
- Remove All Code to manage Min Market Quantity (Min Order Total is now 0.00000010)
- A Lot Of Code Reorganization/Refactor/Improve
- Some GUI Change

C.A.T. Official 1.2
- Add "Check To Not Buy/Sell To Yourself" in Ping-Pong Parameter
- Some fix for algo on market with 1 satoshi difference in Best Buy/Sell price
- New Identifiers in Order Calculator Messages (Order Type-CalculationType-Ping/Pong Type)
- Change Double Variables with BigDecimal Variables (higher precision)
- Market Tables "With statistic Calculation" are loaded row by row
- Some general log message reorganization
- Some gui changes
- Lot of Code refactor
- New Json Faster Library

C.A.T. Official 1.3
- Now You Can Delete Or Update (Recreate) a Single Order or a Order To Restore, Request are processed during lookup so you have time to can change idea
- There's a new file called NODECIMALCURRENCY.xml. You must put inside it currency Code (NXT,MN1) with no decimal quantity values allowed
- Change and improve Some Log Messages
- Add messages for event "Pong Trade To Buy Pool"
- Remove Adjust Price/Quantity routine from market error order creation (now you can change Order Data And Set new values/evaluate error reason)
- Some Code Part Reorganization to allow "easy" interface with other API site.
- Some fix

C.A.T. Official 1.4
- Change name from Cryptsy Automatic Trader to Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader
- C.A.T. is now able to interface with other exchanger (a lot of changes to adequate code)

- New Multi Login System
- New Multi Log/System Folder
- XML File Parameter are divided by Site
- A lot of code reorganization/improvements
- Some GUI Changes
- Fix Tables sort (now Number are sorted as number) 
- Added file FIATCURRENCY.xml (Used for convesion routine FIAT-BTC by Estimated Portfolio Function)
- New Ping-Pong creator Panel Layout
- Other minor code fixed

C.A.T. Official 1.5
Added Poloniex API (beta phase)
A Lot of GUI Refactor (new Icon, new Layout)
New Table Market Model With Fixed Columns
Clean/Improve some old code
Some fix (Thanks to beta-testers :-) )
Remove Dialog Windows, now all Windows are opened in the Main Panel
Lot of improvements in the API Caller Class

C.A.T. Official 1.6
Api Connection Indicator on Toolbar
Some Code Fixes
Some Code Improvements
Remove Lateral Dashboard (Now Dashboard is place on the toolbar)
Improve HTTP Endpoint

C.A.T. Official 1.7
New JTable Markets with Fix First column 
Recompiled in JAVA 8 (Mandatory Updgrade to JRE Java 8 )
Some Major Fixes

C.A.T. Official 1.8
Unified Table Algo Status & Statistic on a single panel
Unified Table Ping + Trades + Pong + Orders To Restore on a single panel
Unified Market Log + Error Log on a single Panel
Some code Fix
Some code improvements
Fix On Market Volumes (Some markets Volumes are expressed directly in BTC, other In Market Currency and others in FIAT)
There's a new XML File called EXCHANGER.xml. File contains some info. If C.A.T. will found this file into SITE Folder, it will load the data.
In the Frame Title, after the Application Loading you will read on wich site you are logged
Added SiteName In the Suggested XLS File Name For Portfolio Export 

C.A.T. Official 1.9
Added Bter API Interface
Now you can Update THE BUY/SELL POOL values with right click
You can start the process without needed to add new orders (you could add values to Buy/sell Pool)
Some code/gui Changes

C.A.T. Official 2.0
New Logo
Added Bittrex API Interface
Some code review

C.A.T. Official 2.1
Now C.A.T. have a multi-login system, you can trade at the same time on every Exchange
Some Code/Gui Fix
Added EXCHANGER.xml for Bittrex
Fix Poloniex Crash (New Api Format)
Added Cancel Order (Exchange + Only Site) To single Market Action List

C.A.T. Official 2.2
Added HitBTC API Interface
Add "Active Exchange" MenuItem to allow Expand/Collapse Exchange Frame
Background Logo
Exit Exchange Item on Single Exchange Frame Toolbar
New Price/Quantity Formatter (From General Y.XXXXXXXX to Single Market Int.Dec Format)
Remove 0.5 % Gain Limit. Now you can Set Any Value 0 (But Take Care Of Fees!)
Some Gui Change
Some Code Fix

C.A.T. Official 2.3
Add BitStamp API
Now suggested % Gain is BuyFees + SellFees + 0.1
New Ping-Pong Parameters Layout 
New Buy/Sell Pool Editor With Preview Function when Right Click Buy/Sell Pool on "Pool Orders & Trades" Tab
New Pool Parameters Tab with
Limit BuyPool To (Total)
Limite SellPool To (Total)
Use Only % Of Buy Pong Trade into Sell Pool
Use Only % Of Sell Pong Trade into Buy Pool
Fix HitBTC Problem (a default 0.1 Fees will be applied if Fees Attribute will not be available from API Call)
Some Gui Changes
Some Code Changes
Some Fix

C.A.T. Official 2.4
Added Lookup "Number" Start message on Every Lookup
First Market Check Routine is performed only once every lookup
New "RUNNING Option Tab" added to PING-PONG primary TAB. Features  :
- Exec a Lookup Routine Every X Seconds (Min 15 seconds)
- Exec An order recalculation routine very X Lookup (default 3)
- Check Buy Sell Pool Every X Lookup (default 5)
Fixed a Bitstamp Problem (Now Limit are 2 DecPos for Price and 8 Dec Pos For QTY, These data are stored into EXCHANGER.xml in Bitstamp Folder)
A Lot Of Code Reorganization
Some GUI Changes

C.A.T. Official 2.5
New Market Explorer Panel
Now you can restore orders (due to crash or any other reason) from the Market Explorer with a right click on MyOrders Table (multiple selection allowed by pressing CTRL Key)
Now you can select multiple markets (by pressing CTRL or CTRL+SHIFT) and open them at the same time with a right click - Open Market
Now it's possible to open the same market as many times you want (to create different algo running on the same market)
Added the RAM Usage (Expressed in MB) on the Main Toolbar
Some Gui Changes
Some Code Fix
Code Reorganization

C.A.T. Official 2.6
Add a Panel "Advanced" in Ping-Pong Algo Creator
Add 4 new options
- If Necessary, Adequate order to Min Total (Qty*Price) (Advanced)
- Stop after X completed pingpong trades
- Never Buy Over Your Last Sell Price
- Never Sell Under Your Last Buy Price
Now you can set a negative % Gains. Wich means that you'll be able to trade always on top of orders book (and accept eventually a loss%)
Market Log have now color text and it will be easier to read
Add a new Panel in the Status & Stats Panel. 2 Info Are Moved in : Start Time + Run Time, 2 Info are added : Last Buy/Sell Price 
When an Order creation fails, the "Order To Restore" is recalculated before a new order creation attempt
Some Code reorganization
Some Gui Changes
Fix HITBTC problems (site changes Api Format)

C.A.T. Official 2.7
- Some Code Reorganization
- Some improvements on the XML save/file method.
- Add Advanced option : Merge Equals Ping-Pong Orders Into a New One
- Add Advanced option : Merge Equals Trades Into a New One
- Add Ping-Pong Option : Create Ping Orders Only If % Market Spread Is (it replaces option "Always Try To Create Orders From Buy/Sell Pool")
- Move Price Calculator from STATIC Ping-Pong Panel to Exchange Toolbar
- Log Scrollbars are always set on the last line (bottom)
- Log Scrollbar is now faster when use the mouse wheel
- Move Analyzer from DASHBOARD to TOOLS

C.A.T. Official 2.8
- Added BitFinex API
- Fix : "% Check Failed Reference Price" message will print the MinSpreadPingCreation when order is a Ping and the MinPercGain when order is a Pong
- Add option "Never Create Ping with Quantity x" to the Buy/Sell Pool Option
- Add option "Don't create new ping if Total Sum Orders Amount is X"
- Reduce "orders to restore" qty by x% before a creation retry
- Login  on Exchange is now done in a separate thread (this avoid the "UI Frozen" when try to log on a exchange while is down)

C.A.T. Official 2.9
- Lot of internal Code reorganization/mininization
- Fix the "never buy over/under last sell/buy" parameter
- Fix a Bug with Nonce on poloniex exchange
- Fix a problem on Bittrex Return Message (a new Antispam message "THROTTLED_1_SECOND")
- Now you can change the order type from STATIC to DYNAMIC with a right click on order table and vice versa.
- Order Table show Dynamic/Static order type (and also the market log)
- New Option "NEVER CREATE PING WITH QUANTITY <"> - Now you can reset the Running Time (From Algo Status Panel)
- Added "Current Ping Pong Completed" Info. You can reset this value from the Algo Status Panel
- Added "Never Sell Under Your Last Sell Price" Parameter
- Added "Never Buy Over Your Last Buy Price" Parameter

C.A.T. Official 3.0
- Added VAULTORO Api
Some fixes on Api Connections (BtcE and Hitbtc) 
Now you can restore an order as Static/Dynamic
Added 4 Button in the Restore Order Panel (All Ping-All Pong-All Static-All Dynamic)

C.A.T. Official 3.1
Added "The Rock Trading" Api
- Various Fix & Optimization
- Update Ping-Pong Histogram Library (old one can rarely cause black frozen CAT window)
- Now you can directly click on market action (button Execute has been removed)

C.A.T. Official 3.2
- Various Fix and Code Refactoring
- Add a new Panel "Current" in PING-PONG Panel, to check current parameter attributes.
- Now you can set the Type (Dynamic/Static) for every single order created from GUI
- Removed Attribute "User Ping Orders are static"
- Now selected Main Tab will have Highlighted Border
- Add an Advanced Parameter "Always stay Alone on Top Orders Book" 
- Replaced Ping-Pong Completed Chart with a simple Table (same information, less memory and library used)
- Add Option "If Calculated Sell Order Qty is Available Qty Then Use All Available Qty"

C.A.T. Official 3.3
- Some Fix (thanks to C.A.T. users)
- Some code changes/Optimization
- Full Image (icon,Png,jpc) resize with a power tool to preserve quality (-1 MB Space in compiled source) 
- When you change Algo Mode, C.A.T. will change suggested order type creation (Dynamic/Static)
- the "Current" tab in Ping-Pong Tab is now set on the RIGHT and when you update Parameters there's no auto-focus on it
- New Option "Highlight Markets With QTY Bal 0" in "MARKETS List" Panel
- Now Exchanges option are saved/loaded on XML File (OPTIONS.XML Inside CATSYSTEM/EXCHANGE folder)
- When a Ping-Pong is Completed you can send an HTTP POST containing Ping-Pong data to a personal URL (Check Tool-Option Tab)
- When double click on a market and the market is already open, you have a new question "Go To Market Tab".

C.A.T. Official 3.4
- Added YOBIT Api
- Some code refactor/ API fix
- Added Parameter : "Put X% of your value into buy pool".
- Added Parameter : "Put X% of your value into Sell pool".
- Added Parameter : Never change QTY during recalculation

C.A.T. Official 3.5
- Added C-CEX Exchange
- Lot of Code Reorganization
- Start a Sub-Project about Saving Ram Usage over the GUI Part
- Dust Panel Added into Ping-Pong Panel Creator
    - Ping Order is Dust if Current QTY is < X>     - Ping Trade is Dust if QTY is < X>     - Ping Trade is Dust if Trade Total < Min Total Market Order>     - Dust Elements are Discarder/Put into Buy/Sell Pool

C.A.T. Official 3.6 (BETA)
- Now You can (Finally) Save/Restore Orders from/To XML File
- Code Reorganization (A LOT)
- Code Optimization
- Some Fix (Vaultoro Changes an Api Response Format from String to Integer)
- GUI Changes on PING-PONG Panel 
    - Update Button is more visible
    - Added Label Ping-Pong Parameters
    - Switch position from Ping-Pong Parameters Panel and Ping-Pong Generator Panel
    - Change Label on Button "Validate Status & Parameters" to "Check Status & Suggest Prices"
- In the "main" single market panel you can remove/move/add panels (thanks to a new combobox) 
- Some panels are not stored in memory while they are invisible (closed)
- QTY Combobox in Order Creation Panel will suggest amount to buy (at suggested buy price) using 100%/75%/50%/25% of your balance
- Now You can Set Any LOOKUP Time You want ( 1 second). 

C.A.T. Official 3.6 (BETA2)
- Change XLS Export to CSV Export : file is a txt with comma separator, easier to manipulate and XLS library removal will free 600KB+ in JAR File
- Market Explorer is now loaded inside a Fixed width Frame. 
- Code reorganization
- Fix a Bug on FEES calculation when PING QTY is < PONG QTY>
C.A.T. Official 3.7
- Remove Cryptsy Exchange (it won't open again, deal with it)
- Internal Code reorganization
- Add new Exchange Option (Print All Api Call). To help users in debugging API problems
- Now the Error Console is the General Console (not only errors will be printed)
- The Button "UPDATE PING-PONG PARAMETERS" is more visible on the Ping-Pong Algorithm Option Panel

C.A.T. Official 3.8
- ADDED cryptomic Exchange
- Create a New Panel in PING-PONG Normal Mode : Buy/Sell Limit
- Now You are free to Create your Limit Prices Rule
- Size Optimization : now C.A.T. total size is Less than 1 MB!!!
- Lot of code reorganizazion/Some Fix
- Fixed a CSV format Export Problem
- Last Buy/Sell Ping/Pong values are added to the Status & Statistic Panel

C.A.T. Official 3.9
- Some GUI Changes
- C.A.T. is able to manage (not only for Bitstamp) Login with Public+Private+UserId. (Bitstamp Users Need to reinsert their key)
- New About Page with HTML Link
- Code Reorganization/Fix/Optimization
- Remove The old Analyzer 
- Tools - Calculator is now "not modal and always on top"
- New General Console (with clear function like Market Log)

C.A.T. Official 4.0
- Added Cryptopia API
- Upgraded BITSTAMP Api to V2 (you can trade on all markets)
- Various Fixes/Gui Changes
- Now CAT Will Create (on startup) a file called : "CAT_Log_.txt" 
    - Particular kind of error will be written on that file.
    - If file is empty during CAT Program Exit it will be deleted.
    - If file is  not empty, it will be a good idea to send me that file :-)

C.A.T. Official 4.1
- Add OKCoin API
- Some Optimization in API Interfaces
- Usual code refactor + FIX
- A Lot of code reorganization to allows the introduction of Ping Trade Pool from Version 4.2 and a lot of new parameters
- Now you will get a MSGBox if an error occurs during Login Phase
- Improve The "Order To Restore" (from XML) function when you have A LOT of orders to restore. 
- Add the info "Creation/ReCreation Life" in Pool,Order & Trades tab
- Rename Option "Never Buy/Sell Directly" to "Avoid Immediate Price Match In Order Book"
- Update CAT Code to Poloniex FEE System, FEES will be directly read from API Return Call.

C.A.T. Official 4.2
- Added Kraken Api
- Various Changes/Fixed (Nothing important)
- Big Refactor in API/HTTP CAT System (full refactor / re-test of all API system)
- Various FIX in API/HTTP CAT System 
- Bitfinex now Load Markets Without using the Exchange.XML File
- Fix a Bug on Limit Price Rules.

C.A.T. Official 4.3
- Added Livecoin.Net API
- Removed Cryptomic Exchange
- Added Console API (to print api Responses or check for API errors)
- Some optmization/code reorganization/Improvements
- A Fix Over Poloniex Fees Calculation
- Various Regression Fix (Problems were introduced from heavy code changes occurs from 4.0 to 4.1 & 4.2 versions)
- Path CATSystem\\ErrorLogs is now CATSystem\\ExchangeLogs inside you could find
    - GENERAL_ERROR_LOG (If an error occurs not at market level) 
    - _ERROR_LOG (If an error occurs at single market level)
    - GENERAL_API_LOG (For Error at API Level or API Results if user ask for print them)
- XML Save Order/Parameters 
  - Market Algo Panel are saved/restored considering the Tab original position.
  - If there is more than one algorithm (market Panel) over the same market, orders are saved/restored considering each individual Tab
- Market Limit Panel is now divided in 2 part : The static Rule and the Dynamic Rule. 
- You can edit a limit rule by double clicking a the rule from the list.
- Some update/improve (remove old code/gui element) from MyBalances Panel.
- Remove the Management of TAG from EXCHANGE.XML File
- Remove EXCHANGE.XML where possible, only Bitstamp/OKCoin need that file currently 

C.A.T. Official 4.4
- RAWX Exchange API Added
- Exchange API Added

- Various Fixes/Code Changes.
- Order Creator and Buy sell pool are now merged into a new Panel
- Ping-Pong Algorithm Parameters is now a separated panel.
- Improve in Login Panel : now you can log on more than one exchange without close/Open the window
- Fixed another problem on Poloniex FEES (i hope this time forever) 
- No Markets.XML Is now needed.
- From this version The "CATSystem hierarchy folder" is created only when needed
- Added 2 new advance Options : 
    - Subtract Fees From Ping Trade Buy Qty Before Create Pong Sell
    - Subtract Fees From Ping Trade Sell Total (Qty x PricE) Before Create Pong Buy
- Your order are highlighted in Green/Yellow color in Market Explorer Market Buy/Sell Order Tables
- Market Actions/Global markets actions has been grouped in "Menu"
- A new Single Market Toolbar has been added, currently with MarketLabel/Market Panels/Market Actions/Lookup Status. Combobox and Labels has been deleted.
- New Market/Global Market Tabs has been Added 
    - "Remove Orders From CAT" (works like DELETE Function but orders will remain on Exchange) 
    - "Reset" with functions "Reset Ping-Pong Running Time" and "Reset Ping-Pong Completed Counter"

C.A.T. Official 4.5
- Code Reorganization (A Lot)
- Minor GUI Changes
- Improvements on internal Algorithms
- A a new STOP LOSS Panel for Dynamic Algo, where you can add a set of STOP LOSS CONDITIONS
- Now you can create LIMIT RULES that works on PING on PONG or BOTH (2 checkboxes are added to the LIMIT PANEL)
- When you select a Panel from the Toolbar (Main Frame or MArket Frame) that panel will become the active panel.
- Buy/SEll Pool And Manual Order Creator Are put inside a TabbedPane
- Info Like "Market Limit","Market Spread" and "Available balance" are in a separate Panel over the Order Creators Tabs
- PIng Pong Parameter Panel is come back near the Order Creator Panel (faster to use). Panel name is "Generator & Parameters"
- Added 3 New Options to PROCESS TAB
    - Stop Ping Creation if number of Active ORders is x
    - When Convert All to Became Active, delete BUY PING
    - When Convert All to Became Active, delete SELL PING
- Move Parameter "Stop Ping Creation if Total Orders Amount is " from Pool Options to Running Options
- A new XML Environment has been created (this will speed-up some load/save routines)
- Now you can save/load markets (parameter+orders) at the same time.
- Market Explorer is now auto-resizable and it will fit the CAT Frame.
- Some changes on login screen : when userId is needed a label appear and Exchange list is sorted by login frequency

C.A.T. Official 4.6
- Added Coinsecure API
- Remove RAWX Api (trade on exchange is no more active and it will close during 2017)
- Various Fixes/Code Refactor/GUI Minor Changes (thanks to various CAT users)
- Buy/Sell Pool Panel Gui Refactor
- Now Buy/Sell Pool and Ping Order Creator are on the same panel 
- New Panel Filters (Dynamic Mode). You can now filters Orders (Buy/Sell) for Qty (market Currency) Or Total (Partner Currency) 
- In Panel Filters a PREVIEW Table is added. With this table you can have a preview about the filter applied by C.A.T. during price calculation.
- Added a Menu Item in "Other Market Action" Menu : CLOSE ALL OPEN TABS (For running algorithm a C.A.T. will ask you to close or not)
- Table Gain and Global Table Gain have different background renderer for odd/even lines number
- Auto Backup Option (Orders + Parameters) is now available from Exchange Option Panel
- Now you can force CAT to wait at least X Milliseconds from 1 Api Call to Another. You can find this new option in Exchange Option Panel
- Now you can set the Number Of Visible Elements (1 Elements could have more than 1 lines of text) of all C.A.T. logs (market/error market/Api/Exchange Console)

C.A.T. Official 4.7
- Added TuxExchange API
- Addeq Liqui API

- Added the LOGS MANAGER. You can reach it from the MAIN Toolbar TOOLS - LOG MANAGER. You'll be able to delete logs from CATSystem Folder.
- XML File have now the same header format with CAT Version Attribute(this could be useful in the future)
- Various GUI/Code Fix/Improvements/Some Algo Parameters has been moved to a more appropriate panel
- Starts a Big Improvements in some market log messages (more verbose, more info, easier to read)
- XRP Markets on Bitstamps are Available
- Complete Review Of Current Parameters Print Routine (Parameters are reorded according to parameter tabs) 
- Now Api calls are able to maintains original data result even if an error occurs. When an api parse error occurs (for any reason) 
  you will have a CONSOLE LOG with Error + Api Response + Error Trace. This will help me a lot to give support and you to understand some errors (ex "Error:Too Many Api Call")
- On The Rock Trading Exchange/Poloniex you can now have Available and Held Portfolio Amount.
- After a Ping-Pong complete a full summary of the ping-pong will be added in the MARKET LOG (with Green Font).
- 2 Advanced Options Are Added : 
  A - Consider % Of Your Real / Balance (this will allows CAT to consider less than your real portfolio value)
  B - Subtract All Buy/Sell Pool Current Values While Considering Available Amounts (this will allows CAT to subtract the temporary buy/sell pool values from available amounts)
- 1 Buy/Sell Pool Option is Added : "If Necessary, Adequate Pool Order to Min Total (Qty*Price)" this option will be only for new PING From Pool.
  The old Option is renamed to "If Necessary, Adequate Ping/Pong Order to Min Total (Qty*Price)" and it will works for all the other cases.
- 2 Buy/Sell Pool Option Added : 
    - Add Fix Amount into Sell Pool Every Pool Lookup (expressed as MARKET QTY, CAT will convert into using last market price)
    - Add Fix Amount into Buy Pool Every Pool Lookup (expressed as PARTNER QTY)
- Added a Check Option for Buy/Sell Pool : If Pool Values Available Amount then Adequate Pool Values to Available Amount
- Added a Buy/Sell Pool Option "RESET BSP if current left value is < X"> - Options "Stop Ping Sell/Buy Creation if Value is /< X" are renamed into "Stop Ping Creation If Current Market Sell/Buy Value is >/< X" and are moved into Buy/Sell Pool Options>   And they works also for STATIC Algorithm (previously they works only for Dynamic Algorithm)
- Options "Stop Ping Creation After X Ping-Pong Completed"/"Stop Ping Creation If number Of Active Orders Is"/"Stop Ping Creation If Total Order Amount is X" Are moved to Buy/Sell Pool Options

C.A.T. Official 4.8
- Various Improvements in Thread Concurrency/Memory Optimization
- If 'Unhandled Exceptions' are written into CAT_Log_.txt (in CATSYSTEM Folder) a message will advice you during CAT Exit Routine.
- Greate Improvements in Http Layer (improve synchronization routines with parallel calls)
- Start Lookup Is More Verbose (You will have a summary about situation)
- Main Window is no more full screen by default, but is 1500px X 900px. Window still remain resizable. 
- Internal Frames Are Removed : For Any Exchange you're logged in a TAB Will be added to a Max-Sized TabbedPanel (With DragNDrop Functions)
- Backgrond CAT Image will be displayed only when you're not logged on any exchange.
- Remove Active EXchange Tab From JFrame Toolbar
- Market Errors are now also printed on Market General Log inside a Text Frame Around the message.
- A multi-editor has been added to the "Order & Trades" Panel : 
    - This editor Replace the Right Click Function
    - Editor appear/disappear when needed
    - Now You can open multiple Elements (by double click) at the same time
    - An Element in Edit Status will be suspended from the Current Running Algorithm until edit is finish
    - This new Architecture will be easier to maintain/improve
- The "Super Thread" that search for "Frozen Ping-Pong Algorithm" to force restart, is now able to manage Lookup over 15 minutes
- Template Parameters has ben added to the GENERATOR & PARAMETERS Panel
    - Now You can Save Your Current Algo Parameters As a Template to reload anytime you need
    - I'll be able to add new kind of templates in the future
    - You can delete templates
    - Templates are Stored as XML Files into new CATSystem/Exchange/AlgoPresets Folder
- Added an Info to PONG Table in Order & Trades Panel : % Spread Ref/Current that is the % Spread between the current pong price and reference price
- Added A Checkbox into RESTORE ORDERS PANEL (From XML) : Restore/Restart All Without Prompt Any Message. 
  Checking this option before press the Restore Orders button won't ask you for any confirmation : all orders will be restored and parameters started.
- 2 Options are added to exchange options : Delete MArket Logs older than x Days and Delete Exchange Logs Older Than x Day
  During startup C.A.T. will prompt a message about files to delete and you'll need to confirm delete from disk operation.
  Deleted file path will be printed in CAT General Console
- Added Limit Option : "When Limit Is Applied Adequate Price To Limit". With this option limit won't stop order creation/recreation but will set price = limit

C.A.T. Official 4.9
- Yobit now shows Held and Available information in MyPorfolio panel
- Added a new set of checks between Application Layer and Api Layer. This will improve errors management.
- A lot of improvements/code reorganization
- Some Fix (Thanks to CAT users)
- Starting some improvements in Load Orders routine (it will be completed in 5.0 release)
- A new process will check the error file into CATSystem folder (CAT_Log_). Is something is written inside during CAT run a message will advise you
- Added a new Advanced Option : Find Trades Using My Trades Api Call / Current Order Qty VS Previous
  - My Trades Api Call : on exchanges that offers this function, any Trade have the OrderId related. CAT will be more precise, but for any trades a pong will be created
  - Current Order Qty VS Previous : CAT will works on Current Order Qty VS Previous : if Difference Qty will be the sum of 2 or more trades, CAT will create only 1 PONG
- A Tooltip is added to PING/PONG Tables in Order&Trades Panel : point the mouse on a single line will trigger a Tooltip showing all Trades occured on the selected Order
- Logs Reorganization : 
  - Single Market Error are printed inside a "BorderMessage" into General Market Log, and without Border Message inside General Console (with label Market origin reference)
  - Single Market Error Log is Removed
  - Exchange API LOG and GENERAL Console are merged into a Single Console.
  - Any message that goes into new Console will have an info about the Kind of Message : Info/ApiPrint/Error
  - New Console Txt File into CATSystem\\ExchangeLogs will be named : GENERAL_API_LOG_
- Exchange Options "No More Than 1 Api Call Ever X Milliseconds" is set to 200 Milliseconds 
- On Static Price Panel In Ping-Pong Algorithm you can now set A BuyPrice = Sell Price. A Confirmation message will appear in that case.