Publish Date: February 21, 2016
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Key DigiByte features
21 Billion DGB in 21 Years
Consistent, calculated & decentralized distribution.
Fast Transactions
DigiBytes can be sent & received anywhere in the world within seconds. 30 second blocks, 3 minute fully confirmed transactions.
No Middle Man
DigiByte is completely decentralized. There is no need for a third party.
Easy to Use
Simplicity is our top priority! DigiByte is payment technology for the future!
No Pre-Mine Held by Devs
The DigiByte team has been honest & transparent since launch and currently holds 0% pre-mine.
Safe & Secure
The DigiByte network is built upon secure, high-tech encryption algorithms.
MultiAlgo Mining
DigiByte is more fairly distributed with five mining algorithms.
Worldwide & Growing Fast
Global offices, global connections, global impact!