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Now that most of the important market trading aspect of Paycon is on track and out the way, We have had some time to think long and hard about the future of Paycon and decided we'll need to develop an entire platform within for Paycon (CON).

We cannot tell you what this platform is or how it works at this time (we can't give away goodies, at least not yet), but we can say the following:

  • It will be fun
  • It could potentially be very addictive
  • It will stretch the limits of your imagination
  • It will allow Paycon (CON) adopters and supporters to use the platform to make $$ with it.

That's about the only thing we can say at this time. Given that this is in an early  design phase there are no tentative release dates. Once the design phase is completed, the coding process will begin. After the coding is done, it will be thoroughly tested. If  everything is cleared, it will get the green light to go live on Crypto-city.

For now, what we do recommend are the following:

1. Register (if you haven't already signed up) at:

2. "Like" the Paycon page. You will need this when the platform is released:

3. Join the Paycon discord if you have issues registering:

Paycon info


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