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the video is a simple and quick tutorial on how to install HyperStake on a raspberry pi,
this tutorial is aimed at non advanced users and uses a Docker image for simplicity.

1: First make sure your a super user (0:20): sudo su
2: install docker (0:24): curl -sSL | sh
3: start HyperStake raspberry Docker image(3:45): docker run --name hyperstake -v ~/.HyperStake:/root/.HyperStake -it -d -p 18775:18775 mcna/hyperstake:v1.1.4-raspbian
4: create basic configure (7:49): vi ~/.HyperStake/HyperStake.conf
5: write "HyperStake.conf" file content (replacing the user name and password) (7:59):
rpcuser=##Random user##
rpcpassword=##Random password##
6: start HyperStake (8:29): docker start hyperstake
7: verify HyperStake is running (8:44): docker ps
8: issue HyperStake command (8:57): docker exec hyperstake hyperstaked getinfo

My github repository
for more example HyperStake commands visit the github repository above

donations welcome (hyp) p5hqCebiutupXvkwwBKzEAqgq5qhF3um2g

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