on January 3, 2021 16 views

Max Keiser - Bitcoin Is The Cheapest Asset And The Only Thing That's Not In A BUBBLE

The same way George Soros broke the Bank of England, Max Keiser says that MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor's bet on bitcoin - and his firm’s transfer of assets into the crypto - is an attack on central banks and the global central bank system.

Bitcoin can trade 300,000 times more quickly “because central banks have left themselves open to this arbitrage,” Keiser tells our Daniela Cambone as part of the Outlook 2021 series. “The game is on and no one is pretending that this is not happening anymore," he continues. Keiser speculates that the only way they can stop the attack is by raising rates… which is unlikely to happen. As the Fed continues to lower rates, he contends, bitcoin will prove to be a one-way bet that “virtually has no top."


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