Publish Date: February 21, 2016
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Stable Coin – Future Stability
It is somewhat a pipe dream to have a crypto currency that is completely STABLE, after all it is a market like any other, although less mature. However the new team taking over the future development of the coin share much of the ethos the original developer had.
The new team have come up with some exciting plans that could see much further development of the coin and it’s wallet features.
Key to getting a coin adopted by merchants is Stability with that merchant not in fear of losing financially in the markets they participate in.
Step 1)
With this in mind we propose to change the coin to a hybrid in the near future. The maths are being worked on very carefully to establish what coin production produces the best price stability in relation to other crypto currencies but more importantly the larger fiat currencies used daily around the world at the moment. This is where most developers go wrong and just assume people and businesses will adopt crypto due to a dislike for centralised systems that have been in place for thousands of years.
Step 2)
Wallets are dull as dish water even a good one with good features looks much the same as the next on. We intend to change this and build from the ground up. A new wallet system that is easy to use with excellent features, it should be better than the best on line banking wallet because crypto needs to be ahead of the curve. These wallets will cover phones, computers and devices we don’t even know about yet, or do we?
Step 3)
Getting merchants to take the coin and people to use it. Even big brother bitcoin struggles to pull this off. Just try paying for a beer at a bar that has the foresight with BTC and you could die of thirst before it gets to your hand.
What you see above is no roadmap, it is a statement of intent to bring you the best coin available on the market. This may take a few months because we are waiting on technology improvements but we can do it. 10 people with access to many thousands in the crypto niche.
So join in, buy some coins, mine like fury and join the new revolution in giving a good ol' coin the kiss of life.
Block reward is 25 coins per block, with a block target time of 40 seconds. Difficulty will be recalculated every 90 blocks. A total of 145 million coins will be minted, with block reward halving every ~3.7 years.
Mined blocks will mature after 35 blocks.
Block 0-90 0 coins
Block 90-180 1 coins
Block 180-270 2 coins
Block 270-360 3 coins
Block 360-450 6 coins
Block 450-540 8 coins
Block 540-630 12 coins
Block 630-720 15 coins
Block 720-810 18 coins
Block 810-900 22 coins
Block 900+ 25 coins
TekyBoy Mining Pool
Pool is up and running, Happy Mining!!!!
wallet address as username
password of your choice (it does not matter what you choose)
port 16006 is vardiff
Promo: Mining fee on SBC pool will remain 1.5% for the whole month Oct 20 - Nov 20
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changes made: Added gitian descriptors and did some edits to the .pro file
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