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About DT3 Project DreamTeam3 Coin (DT3). We have a few ideas which involve worthy causes. One of which is a dire need in South Africa of baby drop boxes. (Might reach out to other countries that are in need too) There are hundreds of babies that are abandoned by their mothers right after birth, most of them end up in drain pipes or rubbish dumps, etc. By helping to create/sponsor these baby drop boxes, we can save several babies from death. Coin Specifications Algorithm Quark Block type POS/MN Coin name DreamTeam3 Coin abbreviation DT3 Address letter 3 Coin unit Dreams Forked PIVX Coin supply 24 000 000 coins Pre-mine amount 4 000 000 coins Masternode amount 10 000 coins Masternode confirmations 10 Reward confirmations 30 blocks Retarget 60 seconds Maturity 50 blocks RPC port 18123 P2P port 17123 Transaction confirmations 5 blocks   DreamTeam3