Tractor Gyan586
on April 24, 2023
New Holland 5620 is a reliable and powerful tractor designed for heavy-duty tasks on the farm. With a 4-cylinder, 75 horsepower engine, it offers exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, making it ideal for farmers who want to get the most out of their workday. The tractor is also equipped with advanced technology such as the Electro Command™ transmission that provides smooth shifting and precision control over the machine. The spacious and comfortable cab provides an excellent driving experience, while the ergonomic controls make it easy to operate. The New Holland 5620 is compatible with a wide range of implements, making it a versatile machine that can handle a variety of farming tasks. Overall, the New Holland 5620 is a dependable and versatile tractor that can help farmers increase their productivity and efficiency.
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Categories: Community Projects
Dimension: 600 x 400
File Size: 48.73 Kb
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