Tractor Gyan586
on April 20, 2023
Swaraj 717 is a popular mini tractor manufactured by Swaraj, a leading tractor brand in India. It is known for its versatility, compact design, and high performance, making it an ideal choice for small farms and orchards. This tractor is equipped with a powerful 15 hp single-cylinder engine that delivers exceptional power and fuel efficiency. It also comes with a 6F+1R constant mesh gearbox that provides smooth gear shifting and effortless operation. The Swaraj 717 has a robust build quality and is designed to withstand heavy-duty tasks with ease. It features a comfortable operator station, adjustable seats, and convenient controls that ensure a comfortable and ergonomic driving experience. Overall, the Swaraj 717 is a reliable and efficient mini tractor that is suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications.
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Categories: Community Projects
Dimension: 600 x 400
File Size: 49.55 Kb
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