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on July 9, 2022
YouTube TV Not Working? How to Fix It?
YouTube TV is the largest video-sharing platform in the world and support for long lists of devices. From black screen to constant buffering to playback error, there are lots of problems YouTube TV needs to address. Nevertheless, if YouTube TV not working on your device then there is no reason to worry. In this section, we have mentioned few ways to deal with a multitude of YouTube TV issues. The steps are quite straightforward and you can easily resolve them on your own.
1. Check if YouTube is Down
Check if YouTube TV is down in your region. So, if YouTube is not working all of a sudden then it’s likely down for everyone. Wait until the YouTube is working.
2. Clear Cache, Cookies, and Data
Sometimes, expired cookies or clogged app data don’t allow YouTube TV to function properly. In such cases, you need to clear cache data and cookies.
Open history of google chrome and select cache and cookies and then change the Time Range to “All time”. Finally, click on the “Clear data” button
3. Inspect Extensions
If YouTube TV is not working on your computer, there is a high chance that some Chrome extensions are blocking access. To remove or disable extensions, paste chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar and hit enter. Here, go through all the extensions and uninstall the ones you have no idea about.
4. Update Chrome and YouTube TV App
It might be that you are using an old version of Chrome or YouTube TV app which is not fully compatible with the latest build. In such cases, updating the app fixes most of the issues.
5. Check Site Settings
Paste chrome://settings/content/javascript in the Chrome URL bar and ensure the toggle is enabled for Javascript. On desktop computers, Javascript is a must for running YouTube TV properly.
6. Check Proxy Settings
The proxy setting is one of them which extensions modify and that results in unreachable websites. Here is how to restore the proxy settings on your desktop.
Paste chrome://settings/system in the address bar and hit enter. Here, click on “Disable” under the proxy settings section. Now, open YouTube and check if it’s working.
7. Update Graphics Driver
If you are facing black or green screen issues while playing YouTube TV videos then in all probability, it’s the outdated graphics driver that is causing the problem.
On Windows PC, press “Windows” and “R” keys at once and a small Run window will open up. Here, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. A Device Manager window will show up. Now, double-click on “Display Adapters” and it will expand. Here, right-click on each sub-menu and click on “Update Driver”.
8. Update Date, Time, and Region
Many a time, due to incorrect time zone, date, or region set on the device, YouTube TV does not work. Open the Settings page of your device and look for time-related menu. Now, makes changes and restart your device, and hopefully this time YouTube TV works without any issues.
We have mentioned various steps above to resolve the issues if YouTube TV not Working. No matter if YouTube TV keeps buffering or shows a black screen.
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