on June 22, 2022
Best uber clone script in 2022
Uber is an on-demand online taxi booking development business. The customer can book a car online a driver can pick up a rider's location and drop off the destination locations. This app is between driver and rider.
The evolution of taxi booking apps is tremendously rising. They are multiple startup investors looking to start a business like the uber software ( online taxi booking script).
Nowadays, many riders can reserve a taxi online, so the transition of the taxi booking business fastly. Numerous mobile and web app development companies can create uber clone scripts. They have bunches of apps like uber available in clone script development companies.
If you are a business person to start a business like Uber, you can purchase the best uber clone script product to start a business instantly.
Rebustar is the top-notch ready-made product to buy an online taxi booking script. Based on the qualities, technologies, and workflow is an amazing clone script. The developers can design all the required features and benefits in an online taxi booking app.
Stakeholders of the online taxi booking script
Any product business has taken mainly there have stakeholders it is more important for all the products. As the same type, the clone script also has the panels.
In the below, I describe the three stakeholders of the uber clone.
1) Admin panel
2) Rider app
3) Driver app
Admin panel
Admin can handle both the driver and a rider app. The admin operates all the workflow of the taxi booking business. Admin only has the privileges to add and verify the details information of both riders and drivers. The admin only fixed the commission, tax rate, long distance hours, depending on the desired spots.
Rider app
First, the rider can log in or sign-up for the app with an (email id or phone number) or log in with social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc. After that, the customer can book a ride to a set pick-up and destination place. Each time the rider can book a ride to get an otp confirmation code after enjoying a ride.
Driver app
This on-demand online taxicab booking software is the most important panel in the driver app. During the registration account the driver can submit cab documentation or id proof. The admin can check if all the details are valid or not. After the approval from the admin, then the driver gets access. The driver can accept or deny a booking request. The driver can accept a rider's request driver can pick up and drop off at the customer's goal locations.
Features of uber clone
Here are some characteristics of online cab booking software. Let's give some definitions of these features.
1) Sign up
2) OTP verification
3) Carpooling option
4) Advance ride booking
5) Cancellation ride
6) Live meter
7) Rating and reviews
Sign up
After the download of the application most important function is to register/ sign-up for both rider and driver with email ids or phone numbers. After registration of both the driver and rider, the admin can scan the details to confirm and approve it.
OTP verification
The customer can book a taxi both the driver and rider get an otp verification for safe security. The driver can receive otp from the passenger and accept the verification code. The traveler starts a safe ride and reaches their desired location.
Carpooling option
Carpooling is to (share a taxi or ride-sharing). Use this option for more than one or two person journeys with additional riders. It reduces taxi charges, corrosion, etc.
Advance ride booking
It is one of the notable features of online taxi booking scripts. The rider can book a cab for later purposes at any crisis time.
Cancellation ride
Both the driver and rider can revoke a ride at any time. But to give a valid reason.
Live meter
A taxi booking app needs to estimate the distance covered by the rider's desired spots.
Rating and reviews
At last, the rider reaches a destination location, and they can give a rating and review about driver rides and security measures. It is more beneficial for drivers and to get more additional rides. "
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