Element (HYP)
on October 13, 2019
HYP didn't even make it on the list. Regardless of whether we like them or we need to get HYP on more exchanges and when there is an opportunity for a free listing through free votes we should take them.
At the end of the day, having HYP on more exchanges can only add more opportunities and value vs no exchanges. This is what a FREE Market looks like, they come and they may go. Remember how great Cryptsy, Cryptopia, etc... was until it wasn't?
The point is HYP needs to not only survive, but continue to expand the opportunities whenever it is presented to insure its survival. At least Grandcoin (GDC) and Paycon (CON) is on the list as far as community support.
Dimension: 422 x 505
File Size: 87.21 Kb
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