RateCoin XRA
on June 2, 2019
StakeMiners - This Week - 02 June 2019
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Weekly Data
Stakepool altcoins = 3.74 BTC, 3 active wallets.
Ratecoin holding 7.263M Ratecoin[XRA].
Ratecoin optimal block size 15,000 coins.
Block explorer: Stakeminers.ca
Currently mining: ZEN
--- StakeMiners
StakeMiners goal is to develop a high value mid-cap POS coin which provides a competitive rate of return for coin stakers. We encourage traders and stakers to support trading on FreiExchange.com.
Our gpu and staking operations are running normally. We have purched another gpu card which will increase our mined earnings once it has been in operation a full month.
StakeMiners welcomes long term investors interested in altcoin staking and trading as we work to expand the appeal of Ratecoin as a mid-cap POS coin.
-- Ratecoin (XRA) Exchange Information
FreiExchange - Listed and trading, our primary exchange.
Nova Exchange - Listed and trading.
Yobit - Listed and trading, wallet recently out of mainteance.
Cryptopia - Company in liquidation, seeking to recover our XRA.
-- 1 BTC Stake Earning Rate in USD - May 2019
Next update at the end of JUne 2019.
Daily 0.00009492 (0.68 USD)
Weekly 0.00066444 (04.75 USD)
Monthly 0.00284761 (20.38 USD)
May 2019, annual earning rate: Monthly $20.38 x 12 months = $244.56 / $8318 BTC 31 May = 0.0294 * 100 = 2.94%.
April 2019, annual earning rate: Monthly $14.74 x 12 months = $176.88 / $5268 BTC 28 April = 0.0335 * 100 = 3.35%.
Our earning's rate declined again slightly for May, but as the price of BTC continues to rise it has pushed up our earning in USD value. We feel earnings are recovering from a long period of decline with the resurgence of bitcoin.
Q2-2019 Apr-Jun Earning Average: pending
Q1-2019 Jan-Mar Earning Average: 3.64%
Q4-2018 Oct-Dec Earning Average: 4.20%
Q3-2018 Jul-Sep Earning Average: 3.59%
-- Social Media
Crypto-City: XRA-Rate-Coin
Facebook: StakeMiners
Twitter: @Stakeminers, @Ratecoinxra
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/K5YdW3H
StakeMiners Cryptocurrency (StakeMiners.com) is an altcoin Proof of Stake (POS) company. Email us at: info [at] stakeminers.com.
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