Publish Date: February 14, 2023
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Designing clothes is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs to be carried out with a good mix of precision and innovativeness.


Whether it is for men or women, it doesn’t matter. Everyone likes to witness something new in their life. 


Sports merchandise such as the Chicago Cubs Shirts is a good example. These shirts are one of the highest-selling merch. 


They are created for both men and women. Not only for them but for many other sections as well. 


The design, tailoring, and patterns are all different when it comes to women. One example of this format is the “Chicago Cubs Women’s Premier Piper Hooded Tee by ‘47”.


The cut, fit, and color combination all denote, that the item has been designed specifically for the eye of the female audience. 


Along with this, there is a cap that makes it highly versatile and easy to be used during winter. 


A factor that makes it even more attractive is the relaxed fixed at the hips. The hip ratio can be vastly different between women as well. This is done by including hits at the hips.