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An anthem for the investors who are down and a tribute to crypto YouTube. This Bitcoin rap is dedicated to the HODLers that came before me.

It’s like - I lost my fiat man - But Bitcoin was up
Yeah - Ooo-ooh
La da da da da da La da Daaa
La da da da, La da da da, La da da da da
I was gonna HODL to the moon, until I bought high
I was gonna buy a lambo too, until I bought high
My hondas still jacked up and I know why - “why man” yeah hey
Because I bought high
Because I bought high
Because I bought high
My friends all made some cash, I thought I would try
I saw they tweeted and I should’ve asked but I didn’t buy
I was a bad investor and I know why - “why man” yeah hey
Because I bought high
Because I bought high
Because I bought high
I believed in proof of work, but then I bought high
My nest egg was in motion, but then I bought high
Now I’m selling low, and I know why “why man” yeah hey
Because I bought high
Because I bought high
Because I bought high

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