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Nguyen Phan Tim
Philip Hughes
hihi to all! This place needs mmore traffic!
Gets a bit more everyday. Bring in some friends! :)
Hi all
Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed
Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed
Messsssssi The Bessssst
Trade in your Hyperstake ( HYP ) coins for Crypto-city Points.
Jordan B
Hello :)
Hey guys! I'm knew to this site. What's the function of this platform??
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and  like this.
The function is for people to use it of course :)
chis mits
how we use the activity poins,and what is decred coins
@chris you get activity points for activities around the site. You can send your points to to friends on the website. Decred is an altcoin out of thousand that are out there.
Bạch Hổ
hi all
dang vantu
hi you =))
Le Phuong
are you ok? :3
Bạch Hổ
i chưa received HYP =))
Quang vo
hi :v
Tạ Văn Thắng
toi nhan d roi ne
noble obari
i really wanna know more about this platform please, update me
German Andreev
Tiểu Linh
hello friend
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