i got an idea for l'DOGE
nothing grandiose just a simple revenue stream idea
but i can't stake/sync l'doge anyone have the low down?
You need to include the the new nodes in your config file. You can find that in the info section. Then delete all stuff in your roaming folder except your wallet.dat
thanks CC
i figured just .del reboot :(
anyway the idea is rather simple
Lite as in litecoin
Doge as dogecoin
= litedoge
i prefer l'doge
so litedoge strives to be a market maker for:
emphasis on the later
all profits go to supporting ldoge price
the goal is to have the best place to buy LTC via ldoge/ltc
the goal is to have the best place to buy DOGE via ldoge/doge
thoughts? feels?
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the best place to buy ltc and doge with ldoge is at http://www.cryptopia.co.nz