Official website: POSPRO coin [PSP] is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. POSPRO is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. POSPRO features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. With substantial industry support, trade volume and liquidity. POS Proof of Stake adds speed, security and energy efficiency over most digital currencies. Free from central authorities and banks, POSPRO gives the power back to the people. No one owns POSPRO, it is not a single entity; anyone can be a part of it. POSPRO’s technology allows people to send and receive fast, easy and secure payments with people anywhere in the world. Without the need for a central authority or bank. Full open-source too. POSPRO is a coin of the community, the success depends in part on the joint deployment and joint marketing. See below the ECD Distribution for more information. WALLETS AND SOFTWARE Friday 27th of May 2016 – 11AM (11.00 hour European time) Timezone: UMT+1 Berlin. Go to our website for the software. BLOCK EXPLORER SPECIFICATIONS Official name: POSPRO Ticker: PSP Scrypt POW/POS Total coins: 84 000 000 POW coins: 10 000 000 ECD Distribution: 30 000 000 coins Bountie wallet: 2 000 000 coins (translation etc.) DCD Distribution (ICO/Presale): 10 000 000 coins POS interest: 7% Number of confirmations: 3 Coinbase maturity: 50 Minimum coin age: 8 hours Last POW BLOCK: 100 000 Block reward: 100 coins a block RPC port= 7026 P2P port= 7025 addnode= addnode= – Security and control over your money – Fast international payments – Zero or low fees – 7% compound interest yearly – Mobile payments made easy – Active community from the early beginning Low Inflation POSPRO was widely distributed over a short proof of work mining phase. No new POSPRO will ever be minted aside from the 7% yearly interest paid to holders of POSPRO. Fast Transactions POSPRO’s proof of stake system makes the POSPRO network lightning fast. POSPRO is the ideal digital currency for face to face transactions and all applications that value speed. Strong Blockchain Security (from the early POS beginning) POSPRO’s network is secure against the attacks other digital currencies face due to their reliability on large-scale mining operations to run their networks. The POSPRO network does not require the use of large-scale, specialized hardware operations. POSPRO is far more energy-efficient than traditional digital currency networks. Innovative Community from the beginning POSPRO has a strong and dedicated community made up of both talented crypto professionals and users working hard to push POSPRO as far as it will go. This community is composed by the ECD program. Important Early Dates • 27th May: Mainnet launch • 29th May: POSPRO ECD and DCD Distribution EXCHANGES Mining pools (POW) ROADMAP Coming between coin launch and POS phase Early Community Distribution (ECD) Registration CLOSED more info at This is a coin of the community, therefore we do it differently than the rest. To make a coin a great success, they need support from various people / companies and the community. To put together, from the early beginning (launch) of the coin, a strong team, a team composite with people from different countries and with different skills. We reserved a special airdrop for those participants. These participants will help us to make this coin a great success. They will promote POSPRO because they own themselves a part of the coin stock. And those 200 ECD will secuur the network from day 1 of the POS phase. In fact, we start from the beginning with a community of 200 professionals. Go to our website for more detailed information and join our community. Donation-in community distribution (DCD) DCD Donation / ICO closed. POSPRO coin has passed through block 100 and transferred 10 million coins to CryptoMaik, CryptoMaik has divided the coins to 188 shares, each share received 53191 PSP coins. Anyone not meeting the criteria of the ECD (Early Community Distribution) can donate some Bitcoins during the Pre-sale weeks. For this presale are 10 000 000 coins reserverd. In exchange for your donation (and thanks) you get a fair part of these 10 000 000. The coins are evenly distributed over the number of shares, everyone can buy a share voor 0.01 BTC, minimum donation 1 share (0.01BTC). See our website for more information. (First 48 hours 20% discount, a share 0.08 BTC). We offer everyone the opportunity to be an early coin owner. Usually you can get some pretty inexpensive coins during presale. Trust or not trust POSPRO presale/donation? There is much distrust for coin ICO, and similar Presale actions. Unfortunately there are many scammers who abuse this way of coin distribution. We asked user “CryptoMaik” to guide our DCD (Donation-in community distribution). He is responsible for the donations and distribution of 10 million coins. He will only pay us the received donations as soon as the coin in mainnet has generated at least 100 blocks and he received the 10 000 000 coins for distribution. If we cannot produce a working coin, all donations will be refunded to you. Usually most users will scream right now sc m etc. to this ICO / Presale action. Please, if you don’t trust this way of presale, our advice = don’t buy or wait till the coin is on exchange. BOUNTIES Translation in local ann: 2000 PSP Blockexplorer: 3000 PSP pro month News report: 15000 PSP (total for first 3 reports) before ICO ends (PM us for approval before publishing) News report: 7500 PSP (total for first 3 reports) after coin launch (PM us for approval before publishing) First mining pool: 1500 PSP Facebook page: PM us. NEWS AND INFORMATION POSPRO LOCAL Indonesian Greece Russian France Italian Philippines Indian POSPRO IN THE NEWS Steemit message XBT.Money News report Medium POSPRO