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My God, look at all of the service provider & exchange partners that UNO has had over the years. They come, they go. UNO is the constant. We are here nearly 3 years after launch. We will be here in 2019, 6 years after launch. If you are building something, include UNO. We are stable. We are here. We are small, strange and unusual but we are fucking tough and long term. Build with us. I am UNO. We are UNO. We love many cryptocurrencies, but none more than than UNO. This is the base coin we return to and keep alive while others momentarily thrive then die. As cryptocurrency investors/enthusiasts/hackers/hobbiests, we coalesce around UNO. This is where we make our stand. Add UNO to your project. exchange. service. It may not be the top coin in market value, but it is here long term. It may momentarily pale to other cryptos, but you know UNO will be here long term. It is a recognizable constant brand in cryptocurrency. There is room in this world of 7.21 billion people for one rare/fair/low inflation cryptocurrency. UNO is it. We have doged many bullets, and will dodge many more. We are Unobtanium. We are not Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Lucky7Coin. We are something else. -FK April 2016
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