by on October 10, 2022

Everyone loves a heavy bass, particularly if the sound fills a room and moves everything including the furniture. Concert halls throughout the world were designed to pick up the pure sounds of percussion, strings and horns in complete harmony. The design of modern polk audio buckle headphones tries to duplicate that sound and funnel it into just two ears. A neat trick if it could really be done, but there are some trade offs. Using bass headphones may not be one of them.

The idea of capturing the lows has gotten a bump from the gamers who like the thuds and booms that rock the room; but there can still be some problems.
Most wireless headphones that use noise canceling technology are better blocking out the lows than the highs. But if the lows are amplified with a strong bass, then the overall affect becomes bottom heavy. Continued use will provide the user with less and less satisfaction.


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