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The Diablo 4 map is huge and features diverse biomes across the five regions of Sanctuary, from the frozen Fractured Peaks to the scorching Dry Steppes. You'll venture through all these regions as you play through the Diablo 4 story, completing quests and diving into dungeons in search of the best loot and ways to thwart Lilith's plans. However, most of the map is made up of twisting paths that can be a quite difficult to navigate, sometimes leading you on long detours, but with this complete Diablo 4 map you should be able to explore relatively easily and getting more Diablo 4 Gold

How big is the Diablo 4 map?

In game, the true map size isn't revealed, so it's down to players to work it out.

According to Guided News, who have measured the game's map, the map of Diablo 4 is six times bigger than it was in the beta version of the game, so it covers roughly 60 km² in game. The map is 7.62 km wide and 7.98 km high.

Diablo 4 map regions

Diablo 4’s huge map size is down to it having five major regions – Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Hawezar, and Kehjistan. These can be loosely seen as biomes with their own signature geographical features, enemy types, and overarching themes. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of each of them.


Drawing inspiration from the highlands of Scotland, this scenic yet damp locale is great for those who enjoy rolling hills and white sandy beaches. You’ll have to keep an eye out for copious amounts of Drowned, undead bodies of souls that perished at sea, roaming Scosland’s coastline, including a particularly large population guarding an abandoned lighthouse at the continent’s peak.

“At the very end, there's this huge drowned, almost Queen if you will, called the Sea Hag,” says quest designer Madeleine James. “And she's, like, three times as big as all together drowned, and it's just like this, almost bloated mass of body parts, and so that's a really fun enemy to see at the end of that moment.”

Scoglen serves as the home for the shapeshifting, nature-loving druid class, their college, and a storyline tied to a Stronghold, Diablo IV’s co-op-focused events. A faction known as the Knights Penitent has also carved out a place for themselves here, alongside plenty of werewolves and giant spiders. The already inhospitable and dangerous Shrouded Moors area from Diablo III has been rebranded as the Blood Moors, a not-so-subtle sign the area’s fortunes have somehow plummeted even further.

Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks is located in the east of the Diablo 4 map. It’s a land of icy peaks, rough rocky terrain, desolate sweeping snowfields, and eerie forests. It’s the first region you’ll visit when playing Diablo 4 and plays a major role in setting up the game’s main story campaign.


Nestled in the southeast of the Diablo 4 map, Hawezar is best described as a murderous swamp laced with black magic, serpent-like aberrations, and the squelchy echo of weary footsteps, a place where even the trees feel threatening. It lends itself well to the more unscrupulous portions of Sanctuary’s populace, a hotspot for thieves and cutthroats, more than happy to conceal their questionable dealings Hawezar’s ever-persistent fog.


The region of Kehjistan is known by those who have played the previous instalments of the series, but now you can experience this desert region dominated by Lilith’s agents. Although this is a historically important place in Sanctuary, you will find it battered by hopelessness in the people’s eyes brought by many wars and constant attacks of demons.

Dry Steppes

Dry grassland and rocky cliffs define this area, which lies nestled between Scosglen and Fractured Peaks. Featuring lava rivers, white sandy beaches, and multicolored geothermal pools inspired by Yellowstone National Park, it isn’t the most hospitable location, but a troop of barbarians managed to settle here after the decimation of their former home, Mount Arreat. In terms of threats, cannibal hordes terrorize caravans transporting precious water to towns, so expect to see mercenary parties protecting these transports from attacks. The Dry Steppes also features the salt flats biome where people have dug deep into the Earth, something Mueller points out as not being the best idea in this world while teasing a broader story for players to uncover.

Although the campaign acts as a globetrotting adventure across all of these zones, Blizzard says sidequests will mainly be localized. Don’t expect to pick up a mission in Hawezar that wraps up in Fractured Peaks. Sidequests focus on fleshing out each region’s stories and hardships, giving players an intimate look into the day-to-day lives of their inhabitants to complement the broader campaign narrative. Dungeons sport specific tile sets reflecting their respective areas, and the certain monster families in each region utilize a specific element. Expect to see more lightning-based enemies occupying drier areas, for example.

Diablo IV may be a return to the uber-dark tone and aesthetics of the first two entries, but Blizzard knows that its world can’t be one of constant sadness. Incorporating a variety of art directions in each region creates a more artistically diverse Sanctuary, one that players will feel inspired to step into no matter how dangerous it may be.

Diablo 4 map points of interest

In order to make the world of Diablo 4 even more interesting so you can spend hours exploring it, there are many points of interest you get to look for in each region. Here are the Diablo 4 points of interest:






World Bosses

Altars of Lilith

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