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While PvE content is the mainstay of Diablo 4's gameplay, PvP battle is also a major feature. As the only place where PvP takes place, Fields of Hatred is full of furious battles without rules and restrictions. However, it is well worth exploring Fields of Hatred for the valuable Seeds of Hatred. If you’re ready for a fight, Here will show how you can get and purify seeds of hatred to obtain Red Dust!

Where to get Seeds of Hatred

The only place to farm the Seeds of Hatred is Fields of Hatred. You can find it in two separate regions, Kehjistan, and the Dry Steppes. There you will meet other players who are also farming the Fields of Hatred for seeds, and you may fight them. Therefore, we recommend that players upgrade equipment in advance to prepare for possible attacks by both solos and groups.

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In addition to engaging in PvP battles, opening chests will also reward you with Seeds of Hatred. If PvP mode isn't your cup of tea, completing PvE content will also drop seeds of hatred. You can just roam around the Fields of Hatred, looking for bigger boss monsters and killing them, which will also drop some seeds and Diablo 4 Items For Sale for you to collect.

How to convert Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust

Seeds of Hatred need to be converted into Red Dust at the Altars of Extraction to be permanently preserved. Otherwise, when you die, all seeds you collected will drop. Therefore, we recommend that once you have collected a decent amount of Seeds of Hatred, you should immediately go to the Altars of Extraction to convert them into Red Dust. Keep an eye out for gankers at this time, they may make you lose all your seeds. The Fields of Hatred undoubtedly requires players to against actual players, as it is necessary to buy D4 Gold to tinker with their builds.

You can buy any item you want with Red Dust at a PvP vendor in the nearby town.

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